2 Chapter 2 Pocket realm and the spirit realm

Both Father and Son duo could not keep the curiosity of the Pocket Realm away, as they eagerly awaited old Mo explanation.

Looking at the Duo's face, old Mo could only laugh and shake his head, while he explain

" A Pocket realm, Pocket realm..... Hmmmm, to tell you the truth, i do not know much about these mystical realm either, the small bits of information i got are from friends and travelers , an pocket realm opened near our aura city's eclipses mountains about a week ago and that theses realm's were actually created by powerful beings! that can easily topple mountains and cities " while explaining this information, fear, jealousy and respect struck old mo's mind.

"What! power that can topple mountains and cities" fear, respect and jealousy was shown on the faces of the father-son pair.

" Not only that, but these realm contain's the knowledge of that certain individual, all of there treasures, cultivation methods and secrets!!

" If i could open one of these pocket realms, how strong could i have gotten father? the power to topple mountains and cities!"

" Hahahaha, Nephew, Nephew, It is not that easy for a pocket realm to open up, i've heard tha the pocket realm that opened prior to this one occurred 100 years ago, the Pocket realms are not only hard to find and open! but there more harder to get into! Looks at your old uncle Mo, even i can't get into this pocket realm" explained old Mo

"Little yu, he's right. you'll have to compete against the four great clans and the 3 sects that control Iron continent, even your uncle Mo, who's much stronger than me has to pay respect to them"

" Your father's right, little Yu" old Mo gently said

" Father.... Uncle.... One day, i will rule over this iron continent! The 4 clans and 3 sects will show there respect to me, Just wait for that one day" Gripping his hands tightly, Yu expressed his feeling to this uncle and father.

Shock had appeared on both duos faces, after listening to Little Yu. " Hahahaha, Well said! But remember onces you have reached this power! don't forget about your old father and I, Hahahaha, enough with the pocket realms lets talks about the spirit realm"

" As you may know that the body transformation is the starting point of once journey in cultivation! You yourself is at the 3rd level while your father is at the peak of the 7th level. The first three levels are guided towards once internal body system, these levels help with development of bones, bone marrows, and blood. Only when you have strengthen your bones and bloods, will one be able to move to the next level. The next three levels are geared towards once outer body parts, so training of your muscles and skins are involved in these 3 levels, Finally the 7th level is where one stabilizes there body and prepares to enter into the Spirit realm"

" Little Yu, a person that is able to enter into Spirit realm is much stronger than those at Body formation, Your uncle Mo has already entered the spirit realm and is much stronger than me"

This had truly shocked little Yu, he who had always believed that his father was one of the strongest individual in all of iron continent, but in reality he was one of the weakest! really shocked him.

" It's true, little Yu" explained Old Mo, " those that have entered into spirit realm, can use the powers of nature to fight alongside them. These powers of nature are fire, water, wind and earth!"

" Father since you are at the 7th level, can't you enter into the spirit realm" asked Yu Lie eagerly

" I can, but i'm already at the age where its pointless, you have a chance to enter into the spirit realm by age 30. I am already over 40 and the material reacquired to break into the spirit realm are quite expansive"

" You've been an old fool! brother Zan, i've told you i would be happy to buy you the material required" Old Mo said while looking at Old Zan.

" Brother Mo, you have gone through to much difficulties these past 10 years, Even i can not trouble you" explained Zan Lie while laughing.

" Hmmmmmm, that's in the past, back to the spirit realm, there are 4 levels, Core outline, Early core, middle and finally a full core. The spirit realms is also called the four layers of core creation, Once you've entered into the Spirit realm you formed your core Outline! Now you can start absorbing the natural energy of our world, After you start absorbing the energy, your core starts to open and fill its self up with with energy, Once you get a bit of energy into your core, you are consider a early core cultivator and can use the natural elements in battle. After this you will try to open up the full core and fill it with energy and these are considered the middle and full core levels"

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Closing his eyes and thinking in his mind, no one knew what Yu lie was thinking at this moment! Other than himself!

" hmmmm, 7 levels of body formation and than the 4 levels of core creation..... I will reach the appendix!" Finally opening his eyes, and looking at Mo Blythe, he ask's " Uncle what core level are you"

looking at Yu Lie, Old Mo gently replied " I am at the middle level of core creation and i trains in the water element" After saying this, old Mo lifted his finger and a bubble of water along with his aurora erupted!

This caused shock and tremble to occur throughout Yu Lie body

Gently Old Mo lowered his aurora, until its was entirely gone.

" Little Yu this is the power of a Spirit realm warrior!" Happily laughed Old Mo, " You guys both had a long day today, i've asked a few maids to prepare some rooms for both of you, Little Yu why don't you go up to your room and digest this information? also for safety do go out side at night, but once morning occurs feel free to move inside the city"

It was a long journey for Little Yu, not being able to sleep in a bed for the past two weeks was tough for him and he happily agreed to Uncle Mo's request.

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From here onwards, i'll be replacing Zan Lie and Mo as Old Zan and Mo

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