23 If There's Anyone Who Can Help Me, I Can Even Call Him Father!

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Star-picking pavilion.

Tan Gusong rushed out of the appraisal area and rushed toward No. C6 room not too far away.

After arriving in front of the room in one breath, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

After tidying up his appearance, he returned to his hundred-year-old, Rank 3 alchemist appearance.

"Dong, dong."

He knocked on the door lightly with two fingers.

The knocking sounded in the room. Lu Ming, who was sitting inside the room, couldn't help but be stunned for a moment.

What a guy.

This was the first time he saw someone knocking on the door of his residence.

"I am star-picking pavilion's guest alchemist Tan Gusong. I wonder if I can come in for a chat?"

Tan Gusong's voice came from outside the door.

Facing such a terrifying alchemist, Tan Gusong naturally didn't dare to announce his rank.

After all, it might be a little too embarrassing.

Hearing the voice from outside the door, Lu Ming couldn't help but nod.

Looks like everything went smoothly.

"Sure, come in."

As he opened the room door, Tan Gusong naturally saw Lu Ming.

His eyes suddenly trembled for a moment before quickly returning to calmness.

"May I ask if the young master is the person who brought the marrow cleansing pill with 100% completion?"

Tan Gusong looked at Lu Ming's young age and naturally classified him as a descendant of the Great Master of alchemy.

He knew that the descendants of influential figures were probably not willing to exchange pleasantries with a nobody like him, so he went straight to the point.

"Mm, sit down. We should have a good chat."

Lu Ming gestured for him to sit down. After all, they were about to discuss the price.

"Good, good, good! I am so grateful to young master!"

"The medicinal pills you brought are perfect! Absolutely perfect!"

"In addition, I also thank young master for letting me vent my anger."

After confirming the other party's identity, Tan Gusong also somewhat could not suppress the excitement in his heart.

Only then did he realize that the thin and weak old man who had offended the other party just now had yet to give a response.

"Also, don't worry, our star-picking pavilion will immediately fire the member who offended you."

"Moreover, I've already given him a kick on your behalf just now. If you want to teach him a lesson, I can immediately call him over..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Lu Ming shook his head and said, "It's a small matter. Let's not talk about that."

"Let's talk about these medicinal pills. What price can the star-picking pavilion offer?"

Tan Gusong became more and more excited when he heard this.

As long as the person in front of him was still willing to invest his time in the star-picking pavilion, it would be fine. Right now, he felt like he was worried about his gains and losses.

"May I know your surname, young master?"

"My surname is Gu, Gu Zecang."

Long before he left, Lu Ming had already thought of his alias. It was his Senior Brother Gu.

This was because this was one of the few names he remembered.

"Alright, Young Master Gu, I'm going to ask you a question. If it's not convenient, you don't have to answer. I wonder if the marrow cleansing pill you brought here was refined by your master or your clan's elders?"

As an alchemist, no one could stop them from saying no to a pill that was 100% completed.

Tan Gusong was also very curious.

But he knew that he couldn't ask too much.

"Oh, this was refined by chance when my teacher taught me alchemy."

"I originally planned to throw it away, but then I thought that it was a rare pill with a 100% completion rate, so I proposed to keep it."

"Because I'm still very curious about the current value of this marrow cleansing pill."

Hearing the other party take the initiative to ask, Lu Ming, who had lived two lifetimes, immediately understood the other party's thoughts.

He took the opportunity to accept it.

Tsk tsk.

Look at his master's realm.

This was the ultimate marrow cleansing pill. He had casually refined it and originally planned to throw it away.

Tan Gusong's thoughts surged for a moment before he finally calmed down.

After all, he was already informed by this young man that he was going to sell it.

"Young Master Gu, if you were to directly sell it, I wouldn't be able to give you a suitable price."

"Because these pills are too, too precious."

"How about this, our star-picking pavilion will use this as the finale item for tonight. The highest price will be obtained from the auction. In the end, our star-picking pavilion will have to charge you 20% of the price according to the rules of the past thousand years."

"Young Master Gu, do you think it's okay?"

Since Young Master Gu Zecang might have an extremely powerful Great Master of alchemy backing him, Tan Gusong naturally didn't dare to have the slightest idea of cheating him.

He wouldn't be stupid enough to do something like purchasing a few hundred spirit stones. This was undoubtedly attracting enemies to himself.

Hearing this, Lu Ming nodded. He also had the appearance and temperament of an ice-cold young master.

He couldn't show any hesitation at this time.

First, he was playing a cold-blooded character.

Second, he was also playing the role of a disciple of the Great Master of alchemy and wouldn't place too much importance on worldly possessions, because this kind of identity couldn't lack spirit stones.

Finally, the rules of the star-picking pavilion had been passed down for thousands of years. If he questioned them, he would be suspected instead.

"Okay, by the way, Young Master Gu, I'll take you to see our Pavilion Master Sikong."

"After all, it's most appropriate for you to hand this kind of item to the pavilion master personally."

Seeing that the matter had been discussed and settled, Tan Gusong suddenly thought that he had to inform the pavilion master of this matter.

Especially after he received the news from Wang Yanqing, he needed to inform the pavilion master about this.

For this, he could also make some publicity.

He would try to reverse the decline of the star-picking pavilion in Green Mountain City tonight.


Lu Ming immediately stood up.

Then, under Tan Gusong's continuous courtesy, he came to the area of the auction house through the secret door.

He walked step by step to the fourth floor and arrived in front of the side room of the pavilion master of the star-picking pavilion in Green Mountain City.



Sikong Xuan smashed the communication token into pieces with a slap.

The word "failed" also shattered together with the token.

But it was obvious that this slap couldn't completely dispel the panic and fear in Sikong Xuan's heart.

He paced anxiously in the huge room on the fourth floor.

His face alternated between pale and livid.

He was trying to think of a way to remedy the situation, but it was obvious that he had no way to save himself.

The heavy Sikong Xuan wished that someone could help him get through this difficult situation.

No matter what price he had to pay, even if it meant that he had to acknowledge him as his father!

But unfortunately...

"Dong, dong."

There was a knock on the door.

Sikong Xuan's heart tightened!!

Who could it be?

Half of the people in the room did not dare to come up, and those who knew the rules would not come up either.

If it was a VIP guest, the guards wouldn't let them pass the stairs leading from the third floor to the fourth floor.

Could it be...the guest with the royal token?!!

When Sikong Xuan thought of this possibility, his entire body immediately trembled.

However, he still forced himself to walk step by step toward the door.

He squeezed out a smile and looked outside...

The person he saw was Tan Gusong.

"Tan... Alchemist Tan, why are you here?"

Seeing that the other party was Tan Gusong, Sikong Xuan almost cursed out loud.

After all, what he had imagined just now scared him.

If it wasn't for Tan Gusong being an esteemed Rank 3 alchemist, he would have started cursing long ago.

However, he wasn't in the mood to do so now.

"It's like this, pavilion master. I just heard from Wang Yanqing today that the performance of the pavilion is declining, and there might be a need to change the pavilion master and everyone in the pavilion."

"I came here this time to tell you, I've already found a peerless treasure. It will bring about a change in the fortune for Green Mountain City's star-picking pavilion!"

Tan Gusong, who was on the verge of a joyous occasion, was full of energy at this moment. He said to Sikong Xuan with a smile.

"Oh? What kind of peerless treasure?!"

"Can it be used as the finale item?"

"A grandmaster talisman? Or an earth grade spirit tool?"

Hearing this, Sikong Xuan, who had been waiting for hope all this while, instantly became excited.

Could it be?

Tan Gusong was the person who could save him from his crisis?

"No, it's a medicinal pill. As a guest alchemist elder, I naturally found a medicinal pill."

Tan Gusong said with a smile.


Sikong Xuan was instantly embarrassed on the spot. Medicinal pill?

What medicinal pill?

At most, you can only refine a Rank 3 medicinal pill.

Isn't it insane to make a Rank 3 medicinal pill the finale item?

Or did you receive a medicinal pill with an 80% completion rate?

The quantity of a Rank 4 medicinal pill isn't sufficient either.

It's all useless.

"Forget it, Alchemist Tan. Since you already know about this matter. There's no need for me to hide it from you. You can leave this place now."

"Trust me, leaving early today will be beneficial to you. I will not harm you."

Sikong Xuan said weakly.

Seeing this, Tan Gusong felt helpless.

Thus, he didn't waste any more words. He directly took out a marrow cleansing pill and handed it to Sikong Xuan.

"Pavilion master, how about a marrow cleansing pill with a 100% completion rate and will allow you to raise your aptitude by one stage?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Sikong Xuan was so shocked that he couldn't utter a word.

Then, Sikong Xuan snatched the marrow cleansing pill and sized it up as though he had gone mad.


"Alchemist Tan, I'm saved!"

"Eight... eight pills?! I will be able to continue being the pavilion master of the star-picking pavilion!"

The agitated Sikong Xuan kept shouting. If not for the soundproofing system in every room, the entire auction hall would have been filled with noise.

"Good, you did a good job, Alchemist Tan..."

"Alright, don't thank me."

"That VIP who came with the marrow cleansing pill is still being blocked by your guards on the third floor."

Seeing that Sikong Xuan had finally calmed down, Tan Gusong hurriedly reminded him.

He didn't dare to neglect that kind of VIP.

As soon as he finished speaking, Sikong Xuan rushed out of the room with an excited expression, "Who dares to stop my father?!"

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