1 world building (Must read)

After centuries of fights the war is finally over, the most devastating war in human history has finally ended with one sole surviving human (The MC duh) remaining.

The 3rd World War or otherwise known as the War of Apocalypse was sparked by a great discovery. Scientists has finally discovered the secrets of the human genome.

It is a huge discovery that sends shock waves across the world. Why is this a big deal you might ask? What could a bunch of boring science stuff do you might ask?

Well... This discovery made a lot of things possible! Cure for cancer (and all known disease) , tissue regeneration, Eternal youth you name it.

Of course with such a great discovery comes with great greed that follows.

As tension started to rise when certain 3rd world nations started making illegal copies of certain medicines.

A certain 1st world nation who just had his intellectual property stolen is like: look just because you're poor and can't afford to do you're own research doesn't make it fine to STEAL other people's research that cost billions of dollars and the bold and sweat of countless individuals.

Then spies of certain totalitarian countries were caught trying to steal research data... Suffice to say things when downhill from then on and eventually ended up starting the 3rd world war.

That's how it started... Not that it matters how it started as it eventually morphed into a war of hate.

When the nukes starts falling, biological weapons starts spreading and society start falling apart....

It doesn't matter how it started as once the first nuke was dropped there's no turning back as all hell broke lose.

Not it really matters as half way through the war all the start have disappeared or has morphed into something completely different and something that would horrified if their pre-war self were to find out.

Anyway a few more centuries pass by and the war eventually ended when there's only a single human is left.

Suffice to say when the Arcadia-Lotharingian "Empire" (name has complex history to it with the rise and fall of various factions and ideologies, it's basically the amalgamation of these centuries of chaos) finally defeated the Indo-River Totality (complex history which I probably won't mention as it's irrelevant to the story)

The Indo-River Totality won't take lying down as it before it's defense a were overwhelmed by the Arcadia-Lotharingian's driod army, they decided to launch all their remaining WMDs at the secret bunker where the last of few of Arcadia-Lotharingian's were commanding the driod army from.

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Last? Yes, as the due to the bombings of the gene banks a century prior caused the lost all female genetic samples which resulted in them being unable to produce more population. (In the future people are pretty much cloned from a selected genetic template that is optimised for the task he is designed for)

So ever since then their population has been steadily dwindling, while resources and facilities could be gained and lost but the lost to the populations permanent.

Suffice to say while they have vast swaths of lands and resources they're on their last leg too.

Fortunately they have eternal youth so they could still function well enough even as long as they do incur anymore losses.

Unfortunately the enemy was able to trace where the driod army was being coordinated and sent all their WMD to them.

Fortunately, one guy still manages to survive, as when the attack happened he was in another facility inspecting why the efficiency of this particular facility dropped.

Suffice to say this facility is quite important so the dispatcher of a human overseer is needed.

And that's how our MC named Vlad survives.

Decades later while doing string string theory research he accidentally opens a portal to another world.

Our Story begins here

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