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Science/Magic is a popular web novel written by the author Aidka, covering MATURE, ROMANCE, SCI-FI, ADULT, ADVENTURE, WEAK TO STRONG, SWORD AND MAGIC, SLICE-OF-LIFE, DEATH OF LOVED ONES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2.8M readers with an average rating of 4.56/5 and 104 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 394 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Glenn (Bloed) was abandoned by his family in the Exiled Lands, one of the most dangerous places of the world; where his inability to use magic meant that only death awaited him. However, an encounter with the remains of a completely different civilization was going to change his life forever. When science and magic met, the fate of the world started to unfold. ... Follow my other story in webnovel: Fourth Prince's Debauchery. Support me on P4TRE0N: patre-on.com/aidnovels


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Wow this novel is 24 chapters in only and I'm speechless. The author really does a good job making me grow attached to characters you sadistic bastard😢. Moving on if your on the fence about whether or not to read this novel literally stop reading this review right now and click the first chapter that simple, cause if this quality of chapters continue its gonna be straight gold nuff said.


Story is progressing very slowly. Start was good but it's turning into another cliche. Meets a princess in need of help who has a sad story and now he will start helping her. Ahhhh just fking leave her. Too much Cliche


Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story Great story


Just remove it from my library the story at the start is good but the quality turn to **** the more you read it it follows the common **** that most author falls into that is tropes typical tropes in this story is everywhere it's like the writter is following a different story at the same copying it only to fail miserable at producing a quality one so overall it's good if you don't mind cliché **** but t season readers like me it's a trash like who the hell does something without a goddamn reason it's out right stupid the MC is your typical cut out cardboard MC.


I have already read author work and quite like it, but for me this novel many time better I like the pace and character development in it, in conclusion this novel is good just fucking read it.


This is a very great story. I look forward to new chapters every day. It is very interesting to watch the adventures of the rejected prince. Although at first glance this work seems clichéd, the way the author presents this passage makes it one of the best. Continue like that.


This story is great. It regularly updates and has many chapters with sound writing and story development. The characters are interesting and the world background is good and expansive. The only issue I have is with its beginning. The story starts off with just too many tragedies. Not only was his families betrayal sad, but so was Camilla's choice. I think she has become part of Vallkary (half soul) but nonetheless, it was heartless and a reason to quit reading. Although over time her reason is explained, but the bitter taste of start remained. I only continued to read after because of the Author's other work in hopes of it getting better and it did. There was also MC's character that seemed very erratic when he acted like a hero for no reason and he failed to cover his tracks even though he read a lot of books as a prince and also from the protector of Exiled land. 1 - Camilla's decision, 2 - his heroic act and trying to fight blight does not suit him and his personality, 3- his mistakes in covering his tracks are the shortcomings of the book. (Without any proper explanation from Camilla herself her action shouts, I don't care about you. I do not expect to change the end of the first arc, but the lack of proper reason for her action is the problem. especially since she also wanted to stay longer a few chapters before.) Overall, the story has great it has everything you can expect from it. The MC is likeable most of the time. The story flows greatly and the side characters are developed and very likeable. Especially the latest arc about Slaughter God is very interesting. I also find the addition of Harem, with proper character development a positive of the story. I am not sure if the Heroic path is where he should end up, but nonetheless, it was a great read so far and looking forward to more.


A very well written unique story from the author in this site. This novel deserve to be at the top 10 of this site. A budding thought is already beginning to form in my head which is the ranking here is maybe manipulated. Anyway it just a speculation on my side. Thanks author for the story.


Great story line and character building, I just feel like the relationship building is becoming increasingly slow, I mean your already over 100 chaps on but he hasn’t really advanced in any of his relationships. But other then that the story is pretty captivating


This book is great so far we are 350+ chapters and there free with a character who instead of exploiting the world with future tech he his trying to teach it to others in a control manner of course (medieval social world and nukes do not mix)


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The beginning of the novel seems promising but the more you read the more dissappointed you get. the tart seems interesting and new, differnet from the run of the mill stry, then everything falls into one long string of cliche’s to the point where you can accuratley predict hat is going to happen next. I recommend the author’s other Novel “The Fourth princes Debauchery” (i may have somewhat butchered this title) that story is better then this one and i gurantee that you will not be dissappointed by that one!


A Surprising story from an unexpected author. Unique take on Science and Magic settings. there's not much known about the world but it's expected that something is happening in universal scale. Hope to see more updates and good job.


Love this novel! Author, please continue writing it! There are very few novels on this site so good as this. Pretty please, I need more chapters.


Slice of life with death of loved ones? Are the deaths natural causes or something? If not then that's pretty confusing. Isn't slice of life for when there is no real struggle just everyday normality?


Overall this is a real good series, the issue is that just Recently the MC became extremely pathetic, the MC willingly degraded himself into a toy to entertain a crazy old lady. His original reasoning was some stupid stuff like 'it is easy and the reward is good', you know what else is easy but has a good reward, selling your girlfriend's bodies to some slimy noble, both are extremely degrading if he is willing to do one thing so degrading for such a stupid reason why won't he do something else so degrading for a stupid reason. Either way MC has some serious issues. This is also a test.


I've reading this for a while now . and now I feel that the science in this novel is just for plot convenience It is just convenience disguised as science It has no logic and it feels too unrealistic . But magic and psychic power system is very good although it's naming feels a bit too simple Anyway thanks for your efforts and if you'll write a new Novel like this please make it feel more real


This novel is very interesting and has a very novel story In my personal preference I dislike cyberpunk and Sci-fi genre it was still ok for me But Nanotechnology, lasers, mechanical beasts and biological modification(specifically if it is done by MC on himself) I personally dislike these things very much so it's a great turn off for me while reading this novel Other than that I appreciate author's efforts for presenting this to us readers


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This story is good. At least it hasn't a dumb harem protagonist that it's too dense about relationships or whatsoever. Good plot. Action well described and reasonable romance.


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