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Sci-Fi And Daffodils


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Life's cruel then you die... Then you find yourself In a harem game?! °°° Kokoro Tetsuki was a nineteen year old runaway. On the run from neglectful parents, an asshole-ish older brother, and a terrible home and social life. Truth be told, she had came to the conclusion that running away was a terrible idea. She almost could say it was worse out on her own as she had no where to go. But if Kokoro was anything, she was stubborn, so she refused to go crawling back to her family and give them the satisfaction. God, she wish she wasn't so stubborn... Maybe she wouldn't have gotten hit by that stupid truck. Well, that's that. Roll the credits. Close the book. This story is finished. Just kidding! That would just be too nice and the world loves to fuck with her! Kokoro wakes up to find herself as a background character in a harem game her jerk of a brother was obsessed with. What had she done to deserve this hell?! Well she was here. Nothing she could do. But why were all the available love interests in the game always taking interest in her? Why was the villian that gets brutally slaughtered in the end a big old softy? Why does the kingdom seem much more corrupt than revealed in the game? Why is there a weird talking cat that's 'teaching her how to play'? Why does the presumed MC seem to have it out for her? Why won't anyone just leave her to die alone?


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