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What is Schutzengel

Schutzengel is a popular web novel written by the author Nekomata_Shoji, covering SYSTEM, YURI, ACTION, FANTASY, MILITARY, LGBT, SHOUNEN, BATTLE, SHOUJO AI, SCI-FANTASY, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 19.2K readers with an average rating of 4.98/5 and 17 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 0 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The year is 2023. When the Earth is at war, and humanity is under attack. Aliens from planet Jupiter was disturbed in their sleep, given the name "ZETA". Have descended to Earth with the goal of destroying all life. Soldiers have been tasked with combat suits called ZETA Extermination Union Suits (ZEUS) and formed a special unit called SCHUTZENGEL to repel the alien invaders. In the next 5 years, Schutzengel follows the story of Private First Class Rebekka Engel and the other members of the 501st ZEUS squadron, a unit that values missions and human life. Stationed in Central Japan's Kanto Region, in Tokyo and led by commanding officer Captain Shun Kazama a known war hero, the unit specializes in counterassault attacks and scouting mission on ZETA. In order to save the world from the aliens desolation.

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Hello 👋 💕 Shameless author here, I hope you liked, no, love the story. What do you think of battle maids? Beautiful girls in maid uniform killing and slashing aliens that invaded our planet. Beautiful 🥰 isn't it? So make sure to add my story to your library and vote for it in WPC!


I like the characters. It was well-written and also I feel a bit of Macross Delta on it, was imagining that the girls were from the Macross Delta but except they don't sing. Keep writing.


Nice story about a battle maid and mixed it with yuri as well... Looking forward to knowing the entire story what's like. I will read your other story so don't worry about it.


The writing is neat and clean. Long and short line perfectly balanced. I think it make the reader feel comfortable to read. For the story, to be honest, the first chapter isn't interesting for me. Well, just a personal taste. everyone has different preference.


First of all, wow. Second of all, wow and third of all, wow. Your genre is my favourite genre. I really love it. Keep it up. I'm waiting for more.


To be honest it's great everything is just perfect. I love it. The imagination here is really great. And while reading I can feel each scene happening in front of me. I am really blown away. Not really into these types of novels but this novel has grabbed my attention for sure.


Quality is top notch. Seriously, I had to really nitpick to find ANYTHING off. I wish updates were faster, but at least they're consistently delivered. Story so far is moving along nicely. I like that the character's are being fleshed out as we go, not some info dump. The background we've seen so far is pretty top notch as well, so let's get to it! The bad: There's the obvious trope in the beginning with the all girl fighting force you see in Japanese novels these days. The meh: I didn't have anything to meh about. The good: It might be a trope there, but it was delivered in a unique way that I found highly interesting. For that reason, as well as my vested interest in this story, I give this top marks with no reservations. I've added this to my collections. The question is, why haven't YOU?


I love your writing style! Your grammar is just... Wow... Incredible. Your story is also quiet good. It surprised me to see that it was military. (I don't read tags. Lol) Anyhow, I have high hopes for this novel!


What can I say, I was drawn in from first chapter to the latest update. Full of action, drama, and a little comedy, totally recommended! lets go!


Amazing story! Favorite author! this is better than your first 2 novels, this is my honest opinion but keep updating them still...............


Awesome first half of the story, good read, added to my library. Hoping for the best for the author, keep going and update this awesome story!


Nice, battle maids, something tells me this is going to be fun! I can't wait to see more of this. Let's go! you're now in my reading list. As expected of Shoji-sensei let's go!


Conflict, action and drama right off the start, cool introduction to the first chapter. I'm pretty sure this going to be a well written story! totally recommended. 🤯🍿👑🥰 looking forward to seeing how it goes.


The title brought me here, but didn't that the story would start with a bang! 🤯 kawaii battle maids incoming I can feel it. 🥰😂 added to my list. ☺️


Another story from my favorite author, but this one is the best one yet. I can say that this story is well researched and studied, amazing first chapter right off the bat.


First I want to talk about the title "Battle Maids." Already loving the idea of it. It reminds me of the anime overlord where they have the Pleiades a combat maid squad of the great Tome of Nazrick. I don't know I just love overlord so I again love the idea of Battle Maids. From reading, I can tell this Author moves quickly. The reader is dropped right into the conflict of the story from chapter one. Not many stories can do that but the tension is expertly built from the very first paragraph, and it only grows from there. Dialogue is masterfully utilized to increase tension and flesh out characters letting us as readers immerse ourselves in the writer's story. In summary, not many people are able to use the first-person perspective quite as well as it is used here. We can only see things from one angle and it is refreshing to see it done well. Continue the good work author!


Hello, this is my honest opinion right here, I have read the other works of this author and I think he is better at writing these types of stories instead of the high school/slice of life genre. I like that you didn't do a lot of info-dumping which also made the readers more interested in this world. Nice~


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