1 introduction

Monsters might not exist in some people mind but it exists in mine.Imagine a world where monsters exist,what monster will exist for you ?For me,it will be a hybrid of vampire and werewolf.

In my world,there a monster name Midnight.She goes to a school of monster of all kind.Midnight also have a brother name Dark.

In school,Midnight have many friends.

Some of them are Scale,Blade and Val.

Scale is a sea monster:

-one of her ability is that she can control water.

-She a expert when it comes to swimming.

-Midnight's best friend

Blade is a fire beast:

-He will start a fire when he lost his temper.

-He can stay in fire without getting burn of anything.

-He like to be in the middle of attention.

-He have a crush on Midnight.

Val is a half vampire,half cupid:

-He can't control himself.

-Seldom people know he is part cupid.

-He only drinks animals's blood.

Midnight is a half werewolf,half vampire:

-She very wild when it is night.

-She like to be in the middle of attention.

-She have a crush of Blade.

Dark is also a half werewolf,half vampire:

-Midnight's older brother.

-He very funny,clumsy.

-He like making new friends.

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