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Every first day of school always turns out bad... well for most people like me....

Hi, my name is Noelle Jones. I am a 10th grader and I'm 15. Well I'm getting transferred to another school in New York City, Edge wood high. I really hate switching school because it always takes a long time for me to fit in, and I was just beginning to fit it in at my former school. Ninth grade was fun, but not as fun because I had no friends. Most people think I'm anti-social but it's just that... well I can't really explain.

* * *

First day at Edge-Wood High and I'm already nervous. My palms are sweaty and my heart is racing--you know that feeling right?--

"Good day miss Jones" said Mrs Clara, the school's Principal from behind.

She had a husky voice and nice body build ... I guess... She wore a pair of glasses with a formal wear on her body.

" Hello Ma'am" I replied.

"Welcome to Edge-Wood High School, I hope you would enjoy your stay here"

"I do hope so, thanks."

She took me to my class and told the introduced me to the whole class. I was shaking , but I was glad a bit. I said thank you, and the Principal gave me a seat as my own. Next she showed me my locker and gave me a copy of the class time-table and events to be held in the upcoming days.

"Thank you very much ma'am." I told her

" You're welcome." she said smiling"

The bell went off and I had to rush back to class

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