King Aaron sat completely frustrated in his war room. All anyone could do was bicker about how much ground they'd been losing and that soon the paranoids would be upon the kingdoms gates. The biggest topic of discussion was the self appointed general that had taken command of the soldiers. No one had seemed to agree with his decisions to leave him the military leader.

" Your majesty, in these terrible times, don't you think it's a little much to be relying on one man to lead our military forces " One of the Councilman asked with a sour tone.

" Especially when he couldn't protect his own kind from annihilation " This time a older blonde woman spoke with a scowling expression.

As if the sheer thought of the scholars and the millions of deaths they suffered disgusted her. Aaron shook his head to clear his mind of any dark thoughts. He took a long look at the four heads of Nirya's elite houses that sat in front of him. Normally, no one, not a single one of them could stay on a single subject. But it would seem that they finally found common ground.

He hadn't planned on fighting a war so soon after just becoming king. Even his father was king for a year before the last war broke out. He was use to seeing the elders of Nirya's noble houses argue and bicker. He'd never seen them corporate or agree on anything willingly. It was a little troubling.

" Are you going to answer us or continue to look stupid, sir! " The old blonde woman said with her same sour tone.

Without hesitation, Aaron quickly threw out his left-hand aiming for the old bag. She flew from her chair into the chamber door with a thud, loud enough to catch the others attention.

" Do not forget yourself lady Romero. I am not a forgiving man " He released her, letting her drop to the ground.

" I've shown nothing but respect to you all and I will have it shown back " The irrigation and anger rung threw his tone, grabbing more of the Council's attention.

" Sir, we simply want a change in military leadership, nothing more " A man in a black sink suit asked standing as he asked the question. He had black hair with a few gray strands popping up all over.

" No! Shemayne Noles has done nothing less then what I asked of him. He's made our solider's better warriors, tighten the kingdoms security and paranormal barriers. Without him you'd all be dead at feet of the paranoid army right now. Or worse, enslaved with your families. He's a invaluable warrior and general. I think you'd be wise to show your gratitude "

There was a knock at the chamber door and the guards opened it to announce the arrival of a scholar. Aaron ushered the guard to let her in the door. The woman was five feet tall with platinum hair that parted to both sides. She had mature features, radiant skin and moved with grace. She wore the black sleeveless jumpsuit and brown leather tail coat of a garrison scholar, with the crest of Nirya on it's back.

" What is it Salee? Has something gone wrong at the Garrison? "

" No your majesty. I'm here to tell you that the general is out hunting the remaining paranoid's. I'm also here as general Shemayne's stand in for the war meeting today "

She helped lady Romero back to her seat, not that she needed it. And took her own. With Salee's presence the there the elders were suddenly quite and king Aaron couldn't help but smile. They'd been an almost unbearable united front. But either fear or hate was keeping them quite.

" Well, are there any more issues to be discussed " They looked at one another but no one spoke. Each giving Salee a quick glance before hanging they're heads.

" If not, then this meeting is adjourned. Your all dismissed "

He heard nothing but grown as they left. And his smile grew. He turned to the window behind him and locked his fingers. Closing his eyes and focusing on the outskirts of the kingdom he found Shemayne. He was standing alone in the snow.

" Don't worry your majesty, he'll catch them all. He never fails in his missions "


Snow covered the outlands Shemayne stood in front of a small horde of paranoids. As they begin to circle him in an attempt to cut off any escape. This earned them no reaction from him. Clining his right fist tightly, a three foot transparent crystalized spear materialize, admitting streams of electricity. The monster's charged him simultaneously.

Slashing and clawing at what may as well have been air. General Shemayne slipped through they're grips ever so swiftly, chuckling loud enough that it would appear as a taunt. The largest of the monsters grilled before thrusting at him with enough force to barrel through the others. This time Shemayne didn't have time to avoid the attack. So with great force, he swung his arm in an straight line.

His visor reviled a white neon light that reflected from the blood that strained his blade. His swing produce a wave of condensed energy that tour through the beast and it's horde like the snow that surround them. Sensing danger, he looks over his right shoulder just as the blade of an burning axe arrive at the basis of his neck. It passes through thin air leaving nothing but a fifty foot circle of chard grass and evaporated snow.

" It took you long enough to fine me. What took you so long...miss Angelica "

The woman picked up her axe and placed it on her left shoulder before turning around to face the hooded man. The strawberry haired girl stared at him with stunning Sapphire eyes and a blood lust beyond her years.

" I suppose I should be...honored that she sent her daughter all this way to meet me. Your mother isn't still trying to change my answer to her proposition, is she? "

The freckle skinned girl turned to face him in one quick step. Her wavy hair swinging as she turned. She gave him a condescending expression as she began her walk towards him.

" I wouldn't be here otherwise. She only wants what her father had. It's only right after all, the treasures don't belong to you alone, philosopher Shemayne "

She lifted her axe and brought it to her side and it lit ablaze. She leaped at him, swinging the weapon with grace and precision. But each slash was just out of reach, never making a connection. But she had expected this. The fact that he hadn't just cut her down right away meant he didn't see her as a threat. This man was as close to a demigod as anyone could get. In her opinion, he was just slightly under a genie in power.

" Let's be completely honest here Angelica. Your grandfather was a nuisance, a living plague. He brought the greatest kingdoms and civilization to ruin in his pursuit of power. And now you expect me to let yet another member of that lineage commit the same tragedies "

She'd stopped, partly exhausted. Her eyes were like daggers. But even they couldn't pierce the skin of the hooded man before her.

" You can't keep this up forever old man. Your times almost up Shemayne. So even if you deny us now, no one will be here to keep them from us later. So do me a favor and tell me where they are? "

He pulled back his brown hood to reveal a rugged face with a caramel complexion. His eyes were black but his pupils were a bright silver.

" Don't think I haven't thought about that. The location of the relic's and the measures needed to protect them have been left with an old friend. Even after I'm gone, you and your mother will never find them "

He held out a hand that sparked to life with energy from his aura of steam. It was like someone hit the sun's dim switch and for a moment there was complete darkness. Her vision was briefly strip from her, fir no more then a minute. When she finally regained her sight, he was gone. His words still lingered in her mind, the thought of facing her mother not too far behind.

" That fucking, old bastard. I'll kill you one day Noles, and that day is coming soon "

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