1 A night to remember

It was bone-chilling weather in Shimla, where a family which came to spend their winter holidays were struck in fear when they saw their cottage was filled with red text stating - "Go away or bathe in blood ". The family consisted of a couple, Rajiv and Anuradha along with their son, Raj who was 16 at that time.

After further inspecting by Rajiv it was found that the text was written with blood. Raj was horrified by knowing that , and wanted to go home. Rajiv and Anuradha laughed at him and consoled him by saying -" Don't worry it must be a prank by locals".

Raj resisted but he got in the cottage anyways.

Hours passed and the time was 9 pm on the clock when the trio was watching a movie and suddenly they heard a creepy noise as if someone who crying in pain, it went something like this - "ahh! my leggg! my armm! noooo! pleeeaaase!!". The voice was coming from their backyard. Raj exclaimed- " Laugh now!, I knew there was something wrong!".

Rajvir replied - "Oh! shut up, I'll go and check what's

the matter you both stay here"

15 minutes passed and Raj and his mother both got tensed. Anuradha told Raj that she'd go and check Rajiv and ordered Raj to stay in the room until she rreturn Raj became more scared 😖 of the fact that now he had to stay alone. Minutes passed and the time was 10 pm. Raj, though physically strong was afraid of ghosts and was not able to gather the strength to go find his parents. But then he heard that voice again - "aaahhhh!!, noooo!!, aahhh!!.'

For the sake of his parents he gathered all his strength and went straight in the backyard.

When he reached there a hand ✋landed on his right shoulder, when he turned around he jumped in fear 😱 . To his surprise he saw 👀 his parents laughing at him, he was confused😕 and asked his parents what was going on his parents told him that they were pulling a prank on him and then they

all started laughing.

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But then Raj asked them about the voice he heard, his parents made angry faces and pointed at the garage. Raj went there and saw the dead bodies of his parents and heard manic screams.