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Scarlet Snow


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5 handsome hot popular guys 3 mysterious kisses 1 girl And a dangerous Supernatural power. *** this story is your fantasy desert where the herione is innocent and weak but she is far more than that harbouring a darl powers, and 5 hot guys cant seem to leave her also and falling in love is easy... what is fate have for them?**** Kilian came close to me and said, "see what you have done? So many people you have hurt? Not to forget killed? They all hate you." "No Scarlet!" A voiced screamed. "Silence!" With one hand blow, everyone fell down. "Join me and let me take the pain away..." I reached out my hand after looking at the destruction i have caused. "NO SCARLET!!" He shouted. "Please don't give in. I love you please. Come back to me....please." Before I could see or go back, a black shade pulled me into a void of darkness. If i go they all will be safe ... from me. He took my hand. "Now heaven is in my hand, and i will rule the earth like hell!" Kilian gave a sinister laugh before i faded away... All i wanted was a family and love... but looks like it am not that fortunate ...


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