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saving you


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Summary Rayleigh suddenly wake up from some of the voices then turned around and realize he was in the hospital bed and discover that he was dead and reborn into someone else body. He was scared and terrified since this man called Rayleigh claim as The most dangerous man who killed too many people without mercy who died in illness and end up to be someone else and to be Ash the mysterious young feminine boy that Rayleigh would live in and he tried to cope up to be this boy name Ash since this was his new life and he can't go back since he was long death and the original owner was also dead along with his own body (body-switch) and Rayleigh's mission was to find the mystery of this young boy's death and his. Through this new life, he has been having, this different situation that makes him doubt himself and the fate he has been in his way. And change old self to the new one And be a human for the first time Then let the story begin


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