Saving Sarah (Mafia's gem) Book

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Saving Sarah (Mafia's gem)


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After a devastating heartbreak, Sarah decides to give up on love and be a Nun, but much to her dismay, she finds herself trapped in a convent where women disguised as nuns are trafficked to wealthy people from all over the world for different purposes. Refusing to be docile and accept her fate, she plans a terrible escape which brought about a new beginning with Stefano Franchetti, a cold-hearted Mafia Lord who is feared and revered by all when she bumps into him on his way out of the auctioning taking place that night. Being the highest bidder and being drawn to Sarah who is masked during the auction, Stefano successfully buys Sarah, but still very bitter about her situation, Sarah is rather bent on becoming the bane of his life until she discovers that she needs him more to protect her from her living nightmare- a rival mafia lord who is obsessed with her and is bent on getting her at all cost. While living a new life in captivity as his mistress, Stefano realizes that he had actually found his WEAKNESS and the warmth to his cold heart.


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