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Saving Me


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She, Zelda Parker, was a hacker and a computer master as well as mastered in Karate. She,have a criminal background, she have been in police custody for 5 sec and then zoop! Gone! Noah Knights, He was the definition of duality, at first he is the mafia leader from which the whole world fears and then he is in a biggest play boy also from which the whole world is fond of. What happens when the almost Criminal and a Mafia boy band leader cross paths? There is someone also after the girl? Who is gonna save who? Will it hurts HIS ego to see HIS girl with some other boy? Will it hurts HIS pride?? Or will it hurt the TRIO? read to find out. -------------------------- "You have to be my Girlfriend." I just stare at him. "What?" Then,"you just need to be my Girlfriend for 1month. After that I will handle it by myself." Noah said. "Aw---." Just then a powerful and angry voice boomed from the speaker. "NO FUXKING ONE IS YOUR BOYFRIEND." "UH OH" --------------------------- WARNING!!!!! INTENSE DISTURBING SCENES AS WELL AS MURDER AND TORTURE!!!! Starting Date: July 14 2020.


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