Saving Grace- And the Pedagogy of Survival

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What is Saving Grace- And the Pedagogy of Survival

Read ‘Saving Grace- And the Pedagogy of Survival’ Online for Free, written by the author kuhaku_sora, This book is a Teen Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, R18 Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "If I knew this all along, then I would've wish to know better"Roxanne was just a mere high school student that was an o...


"If I knew this all along, then I would've wish to know better" Roxanne was just a mere high school student that was an outcast in her class. One night, she noticed herself trapped inside a nightmare which signified the start of her terrifying adventures. Unable to escape, she goes with the flow and sees where her dreams would bring her along. Alas, her luck had eventually run out, and her reveries became nightmares and reeled into her reality. Every pain she would feel will be carried once she was awake and aroused in her sleep. Every object she possessed before and after the scavenger hunt will return to her possession if she was still alive and escaped the phantasm that her mind had created.However, through time, she meets a peculiar man named Nicholas. He was a young professor, at the same age as her, that teaches the concept of dreams and their meanings. He stumbles upon the same town as her while providing free sessions about the conductivity of the brains of a human in the hope to find individuals that share the exact characteristics of having these nightmares and dreams. Unfortunately, things had gotten worse the moment she met this person but paired up and learn about the mysteries of their prowess together.Eventually, they would seek hidden entries and unlock puzzles that may or may not answer their queries as they proceed further to the dangers of their world. And most prominently survive until the end of the trial of the darkness enveloping in their minds.Frustrated, Roxanne could not save Nicholas from the terrors of the mighty beast that cornered them inside an unfamiliar labyrinth. It was Nicholas’ most illustrious fear. Thankfully, Roxanne barely escapes alone from the den and seeks revenge for the fallen partner she had.The battle between the nightmares and dreams she has did not lessen and continued to haunt her every day without fail. Exasperated, she gives her life up and throws her body at the towering cliff, from where Roxanne and Nicholas had first met inside the realm.Louise, a young man who had just undergone his first nightmare, notices the lifeless body of Roxanne floating in the nearby stream. Luckily, he could retrieve her body and carried her in the nearby cave. Suddenly, Roxanne, who was supposed to be deceased, suddenly sprawls back to life, with no wounds or injuries on her body.She was surprised and confused about the occurrence and pleaded to Louise to take her life once more at the identical place where she had descended. Roxanne finds her resolve and devotes her life to guide and teach him about survival in the world they presently live.Soon, their relationship develops, and both of them declare their love for each other. But fate continues to play with their lives a second time as Roxanne finds herself, yet again, in a similar situation where she parted ways with her former lover, Nicholas. “I don’t want to lose the person I love again.”

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I am wandering . . . that much I am so sure of. What i dont know though is WHERE AM I?? As if things cant get any worse and then it starts raining. I know I have to get home and fast, but where is home? This doesn't feel right at all and knots are starting to form at the pit of my belly . . . I could feel that something is amiss but what? And then i saw it! I Dana Princess Charnelle Simons am lost and now the rain...its raining BLOOD and now I am suddenly running . . . there is a voice calling my name in the distance. . . I am trying . . . like DESPERATELY trying to run to the direction of the voice, my hands frantically waving for anything...shit...shit...shit...my feet are stuck in the mud. The mud is bloody and there are fingers... no these are bony fingers almost clawing at me from my back...the voice is clearer now...farmiliar yet so vague...IM SINKING...through the bloody mud...and then the woman smiles Woman: COME, HOLD BACK NO MORE CHILD her voice was ominous like that ^^^^^I AM SUFFOCATING^^^^^^ "help...su...f...foca...ting..." is all I said She held out her hand but i just couldn't reach it. Woman: Allow it, dont fight it young one,until then....goodbye She said in that ominous voice again before she left me to suffocate in the bloody mud ****************** NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Thats what i woke up screaming ..................................................................... PS: This is a new adventure for me so please show your support by voting, commenting and rating the book to show support. *Cover is not mine(found it on the internet)

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Quite an interesting story about how dreams could mess up ones own perceptions of reality. In this case, we have the author MC who is quite an interesting character so far. Her dreams interesting, especially the one where she dreamed about being in outer space. Since I'm a space nerd, I'll approve of this. But I would wish you wrote that part for more, imagine how fascinating it would be for someone seeing for themselves how the sun's core looks like. Mindblowing probably, sensing all the atoms smashing each other and compressed so hard by the gravity, but I digress. Here I'll also say some scenarios for your story that I made in my head when reading the story. Most original way I would write your story would be to make your MC have some trauma on her head that would enable her to change the perception of time and dream. For example, while she dreams for what would seem years is just fractions of seconds in the real world. And you could torture this way your female character for as long you want. You could also sprinkle some sleep paralyses since it's in theme with your story.


Op's writing is really nice, it hits the spot for me like no one else on this website has. It's reminiscent of professional work. Really good and it's worth anyone's consideration. I hope OP continues his work in writing.


A very interesting take on dreams and how it can hurt reality too, its quite unique. The writing is also quite good. I'm really enjoying reading this story, I can't wait to read more 😁


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