Saving a World from Suicide Book

novel - Sci-fi

Saving a World from Suicide


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Chris was driving back from buying groceries for his best friend's birthday as a favor but suddenly a wormhole was opened in front of his car and teleported him to a parallel universe. After stopping his car, he meets an old butler who kneeled in front of him asking for his help in saving his young mistress from herself. It turned out that he was transported to a parallel universe where everyone disciplined themselves in order to advance the human civilization and become self sufficient without working and after hundreds of years it came true but with a cost. It turned out that the citizens of this Earth was so disciplined that they threw away everything that entertained and made them happy. Most of the population became depressed because everything they want belonged to them only to realize that nothing made them happy anymore. Suicides became normal because of the emptiness they felt and it's up to Chris to save the young mistress and even the world from depression using music, delicious food, games, anime etc.