Saved by a fruit dragon Book

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Saved by a fruit dragon


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In a not too distant future, the earth is unified after a long war, there is no longer any kind of military force or police, the proper functions of the police are carried out by a chosen body called the "keepers". The law provides that there is a guardian every 2000 inhabitants, the keepers must not only defeat any criminals but also help the people they guard to the best of their abilities throughout the day . Every keeper calls himself with a number and letters, our story will talk about the custodian VFG - 1011, the only guardian of a village of 1800 inhabitants. VFG-1011 spends his days without too many dangers as in his village nothing hard or dangerous happens, but one day one of his contemporaries leaves the village for unknown reasons, he is therefore obliged to leave to find her. VFG-1011 will embark on a long journey that will lead him to meet the most feared creatures of his time: dragons with totally unpredictable implications.