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SAVE THE VILLAINESS : SYSTEM IN PROGRESS is a popular web novel written by the author Whtyereign, covering REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, ROMANCE, VILLAINESS NOBLE GIRLS, COMEDY, FEMALE PRATOGONIST, WORLD HOPPING, ADVENTURE, SHOUJO-AI, SAVE THE VILLAINESS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 49.6K readers with an average rating of 4.4/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After a long torturous day of being trapped in the dark, our protagonist finally got the chance of getting away from her nightmare. That is by becoming the host of too much of a "reliable system" that always gives her weird side quest mission which almost got her failed in every world she goes. MC: "System... what is my main mission?" System : [Save The Villainess]!!! MC: "Then why did you give me a side quest where I have to make a bad first impression??" MC grabs a weapon. The system has run away!! MC: " System... why do I have to become someone close to the Female Lead? " System : [So you will get bullied by the Villainess]!! MC grabs a weapon. The system created a force shield!! Defense increased!!! MC: "..." Took out a flamethrower. " I will destroy your limited edition of phosphophyllite figurines " System [...]!!! Follow the new adventure of Violette, the main character of this story as she is working hard to save the villainess in every story created in manga and light novel.

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If I'm rating on my stories, I will give my:- writing quality- 3 star stability of updates- 2 star Story Development- 4 star Character Design - 4 star World Background- 4 star I used Grammarly on my writing, but only the basic ones, so there might be a lot of other mistakes that I didn't know. The stability of updates for my novels suck. That's because I get distracted easily. And also, sometimes I forgot what is the right word to use for a certain activity that results in me watching anime and reading other's novel. I think the story development is pretty good. I have already thought of many scenes and actions and the direction of where this novel will go. But the only thing that dragging me down right now is the stability of updates. For Character design, I think it will be fine If you could give me time to explore and give all of them certain traits that will result in the way they all act. Meaning, they all have reasons for their personality and views on the world. lastly, for the world background, I think only me that can see it now. Because you are supposed to understand the world-building by reading my other novel. But yeah... the updates suck too. That's all. You should rate my novel too so I get to I know which part In the novel that I can fix. This way, I can improve my writing skill and your reading experience at the same time.


Alright, the move is nice. Your normal system novel and subsided missions. The twist in it is that the MC has to protect and help the villainess while still being close friends of the female lead. Well the villainess herself ain't bad, just a victim of family standards. Then the stupid annoying ball system, that likes to give our MC a headache. My only problem with this book is the grammatical errors. Not much but it should be checked, almost all writers have that. And the update stability, stop being lazy with anime author and write. U would give ur readers an update starvation. Not nice. Anyway nice work, keep it up. Ohh FYI, I think there is future Yuri.


Hmmm after reading this.. it's decent.. and not bad to read.. specially if you like otome games this is maybe a good read for you. The story develops comically which is indeed at times funny. Also your way of putting cliffhangers got better.. The main character is quiet funny at times.. and her clumsiness makes it a attractive personality traits.. - - - - - Well, improve the grammar by using word document or grammarly as helping hand. Try to make scenes vivid said it again in case Make the story more fluid like water if you want it aggressive you can do so as water goes both ways.. by making dialogues more clearer and also adding inner dialogues more sophisticatly. Make the story more dramatic and add plot twists.. and try to avoid cliche unless you make it skillfully good. Also try not to make the system too op as to make the story more interesting and funny.. Constructive criticism. I hope to see how your writing turns out... signed.. Your Dear Maximus-senpai


I wish the novel has more chapters. Oh well, into the review. The book is good and all, still for a system story it is fairly decent. I wish there are more twists in the future. I'm waiting for that author.


This story is quite unique and fun it also has a bit of yuri and it will take place in several worlds so we will get to have many stories with our mc (≧▽≦)(☆▽☆) I totally loved it and enjoyed very much ❤️ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧(≧▽≦)


Thanks for giving me that power stone ages I never I got to thank sorry for taking so long and your book seems really good and I thanks for liking my book


Honestly, I had fun reading your story. I just love how Viollete and the ball interact with each other, good combination. The plot is fresh and new, the title itself would really hook the readers's interest. I'll wait for the revelation about the past of Violette. Thumbs Up,Author.


The very first chapter just had me laughing, and I feel like first chapters are really important the same way first impressions are. The twist of the AI system is pretty refreshing for a transmigration novel, and something I didn't really expect. Its really good already, and I'm hoping you release more chapters soon!


How curious... Would recommend to fans of the genre. Grammar has minimal errors, mainly minor spacing issues and othe negligible stuff so don't worry too much. Prose and dialogue flows naturally, making for comfortable reading. Plot is something fairly interesting, piquing my curiosity more than any other stuff I've read so far here. I'll be watching, Author. Keep on writing 👍


Reveal spoiler


Okay, so the first chapter/prologue is very well written. It catches my attention and leaves me thinking "Hmmm.. What's going to happen." I personally don't like system type novels, mainly because I think they are all the same and leave no uniqueness between the other. However, the interactions between the main character and the robot made me want to keep reading more, and more, and more. It was funny, entertaining, and interesting. It really showed the personalities of both, (if a robot can have a personality haha) As far as the writing: Overall pretty good, very minimal grammatical errors, but English isn't my first language either, so reading through this gave no problems what so ever. The only thing I might add is I would love to see some more scene/environment descriptions. There were parts where I understood what was happening, but I had no picture in my head of what I'm looking at. Once again, take all of this from an *******'s opinion, (Me) So I'm just giving my personal thoughts. All in all, great stuff, you got me on board!


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