1 Prologue

Lucas was a local superhero who worked for the government. He loved his job. He was considered a hero by most but he saw himself as a person who shared his gift to help others. His hero name was Levitator as he had telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his mind.

"Goodbye, honey, have fun at school," a red haired man waved his daughter off. His name is Lucas Crome and his daughter's name is Evie Crome, now, you may be thinking where's his wife? Her name was Melissa and well, unfortunately, she died giving birth to Evie. What a tragedy, right? "Time for work!" Lucas exclaimed excitedly. Lucas loved his work. He got changed into his hero outfit, which consisted of a plain, black bodysuit and a simple black mask. His outfit was really simple because he didn't want anything extravagant, after all, he didn't want to show of like some vain heroes he just wanted to help.

Discreetly, he opened the window and levitated through the window. "Hmmm, let's see, is there any crime, " after searching for ten minutes he couldn't find any crime but he did see an old lady struggling to lift her groceries into her car. Instantly, he rushed to help out, being a hero doesn't just involve fighting crime, it involved helping those in need of help. "Excuse me, ma'am, would you live some help?" he asked politely. "Oh my, it's the hero, Levitator, yes, you're such a dear, " she responded surprised that a hero was helping her. Lucas grabbed her heavy bags and gently placed them in her car boot. "Thank you so much, dearie!" she happily hugged him. "Anything to help the citizens, " he smiled at her.

"Help me!" a voice yelled, "Please, help me!" Multiple screams from many people rang through the air. Lucas lifted himself in the air and hurriedly rushed to the scene. There was a villain, dozens of people ran out their cars and many pedestrians fled to safety. As Lucas looked closely, he realised that it was the villain who called himself 'Stretchy' and you guessed it, he had the ability to stretch his body like rubber. There was another hero attempting to fight Stretchy named 'Multiplier' she was a beginner hero and had the ability to create clones of herself. 5 clones were surrounding Stretchy, trying to attack him all at one though they struggled as Stretchy managed to well, stretch past her attacks you could say. 'I'll help her out,' Lucas thought as he ran towards them and aimed to punch Stretch but missed, just like he planned to. You see, whilst Stretchy was distracted because he was dodging the attacks thrown at him, Lucas was using his ability to lift a car and hurled it into Stretchy. "My car!" a person from the crowd screamed. "I'll pay you back!" Lucas responded. Stretchy was slammed to the ground and unconscious but was still alive to bring chaos to the city. (I should probably give the city a name, how about Sparkle Ville, jk jk, I would never. I'm calling it Merry Falls, I got it from a generator.) The police walked into the scene and stated, "Thanks for your help, heroes, we'll take it from here."

After giving his bank details to the civilian who's car was damaged, Lucas decided that he should go shopping for groceries. When he was about to leave, he was stopped by Multiplier. "You're such a show off, I could've handled things by myself but you decided to ruin everything and take the spotlight," She retorted angrily. "It sounds more like you're the show off, being a hero isn't about getting into the spotlight and becoming famous, it's about helping others that need help. Anyone can be a hero but not everyone chooses to or can act like a hero," and with that he left. Multiplier's expression changed to a shocked face she did not expect him to say that. 'Time to go grocery shopping!', he thought happily. The only reason why Lucas loved to go grocery shopping was to get all his favourite snacks (and to add to his top secret chilli heatwave Doritos stash). Just the thought of munching up them delicious Doritos made his mouth water, his saliva rolled down to his chin but he wiped them away. 'Focus, Lucas, focus, you're just here for groceries we need,' he thought seriously. 'But Doritos are important you need them you can't live without them,' the tiny voice in his head argued back. It was then when Lucas decided that the tiny voice was right he can't live without Doritos, he was to obsessed with these delicious, corn, delights so he bought them along with the usual everyday groceries. "OMG! It's Levitator!" the people in the shop exclaimed but he didn't care, all her thought about was the song he'd made: 'I love Doritos and Doritos love me, we'll be together for eternity.'

Eventually, after this long day and the 2 large Doritos packets he'd eaten, Lucas decided to go home to rest and put his groceries away. When he'd arrived, he opened the doors and took his mask off but he didn't realise that his daughter was there watching in shock as he took it off. "Dad, you're Levitator!" she shouted at him. His eyes widened, "Evie, I can explain!" 'Oh shoot, I'm so dead.'

(If you're wondering why Evie didn't find out sooner, it's because Lucas usually comes in and out through the window but today he completely forgot and stupidly, decided to us the door. You were probably wondering whether people in this world have abilities, right? Only 0.2% of the world have abilities so about 140,000,000. Next chapter, coming soon, maybe tomorrow so stay tuned and don't forget to rate and vote. Bye!)

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