3 Chapter 2 : Incidents dwell on

It was the time of morning dawn; the parents were not home yet. Christi was also not there, no sound came, not a bird chirping nor the cold air and neither the sun rise .It was totally dark, like the sun will never rise again , all the trees had shed their leaves . Not a living source was to be seen; the moon became blood red and was close enough to earth than ever before ,the place became so sad .And between in all of this was Samantha ,gazing the little possible scene she could understand ,everything was flowing from her head ,she couldn't get anything and felt very lonely .In all of this she was wondering where did everyone go and what has happened to her place and where was her home ,The first thing she wanted from here was to go back to her home and meet her family ,the only be loving thing she could think of . She closed her eyes and felt something; the coziness was back again the heat of love was back .She was in her home now and ever. She jumped back on her bed and screamed from her heart. Everyone came there from that loud bellowing scream, when the parents rushed to the room they saw her petrified, the three of them became confronted her when she told everything she saw or felt, a little confused there. After hearing he whole they too became confused and scared also, they all decided that they will take a visit to the doctor in the noon.

After some hot chocolate Samantha questioned "Where are we going mom?" Alexandra replied "We are going for a little checkup and no worries, everything is goanna be fine".

It was neither a rough visit nor the finest among Samantha's whole life. "Kind of a mediocre thing "said the father. The doctor wasn't worried, he uttered that it is a normal thing for adolescences .Mr. Anderson said by and large "Nothing extraordinary stuff here ".It's normal for a teenager but she needs a little rest and some hot chocolate from my side ,now you may go little girl. Samantha sighed fine but others were quiet relieved from the conversation.

Going back was a pleasant feeling with Christmas fire tuning in the car .The frosted snow covering the playgrounds protectively while misting the bare air creating a chiming moment for all. The car stopped after a moment of two for a fine coffee and continued the ride afterwards. After reaching safely they sighed Samantha to the guestroom for rest while avoiding the room of her-self for the linking of memories. Then they continued the discussion with high pressure. The fear of the dream in her eyes caused the whole family to think twice. "We have to consider this with great caution, this should not happen again" said the father. "We have to keep her busy and not let a wink of this thought get into her mind muttered the mother. But what about the night, she may dream again? questioned Christi. Possible but the sleeping mist can be helpful in this, the mother answered lastly. No bangs no banging please, Samantha muttered in her mind. She had heard everything, every single point of the conversation. She was stupefied by the only thought that how tense the incidence is. The doctor said it was all normal but how can it be if this is becoming so restless for my own family.

"I have to exercise my mind, marking these words she fainted" with a loud bang. Everyone rushed to the room to find her lying on the wooden flooring .The sound of the breath snuffled, everyone gasped. They laid her on to the bed to give a little rest and decided not to wake her up.

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