2 CHAPTER 1: Mystery comes

Mom , mom look here what I found in the attic, a book of poems taken down by fiction history with really famous poets of the midcentury crisis excitedly screamed Samantha .Books and books ,you nerdy little thing said Christi. No more messing in the attic your half semester has end up, exams coming and you're playing in attic Mamma said angrily.

The exams were coming but little Samantha loved to sneak in the attic; It was really a mystery to her from childhood till she could remember.

I'm going to your Aunt Miss Cherry's house with your Dad, be silent and quiet, and no more messing in the attic Samantha and be in the house Christi.

Samantha got a really good chance to sneak into the book of poems as the exams didn't matter to her but Adventures like Moby-Dick did ; and Christi went off the house like every time else .

Samantha landed herself in her soft bed loaded with cushions and pillows; she locked the silent view of outside and began reading, it said:

It is a story of History

True or not, no one told

In the blinding gaze of a tree

There laid a moon

With the dusk of dead night

The misused boon

With a little soul connected

Without the knowing of nature

It has to start and end with him

With a munitions that will gloom with the fortnight

It didn't rhyme like a poem but was more like a riddle to her related with a story connected in past with a …Who is that little soul, Is this poem really true or not. She dare not to ask anyone in the family ,as she was told not to mess with books or in the attic .With thousands of question's in her mind she halted to sleep .

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