1 Chapter 1

Is it really hard to live on our own?

I don't think so... But it's really hard when we have someone to support too.

I'm an orphan who has a brother of 7 years old.

We have been adopted, or I should say used, by our uncle and aunt just because of the sake that they got dad's properties. They are faking for the society.

I rather prefer to be abandoned than being under someone's clutches. It may be dad's properties but as hell they would share since they want their daughter (cousin sister) to be the princess.

I've been restricted to study and I know my brother is just too young to suffer like these. So, I'm secretly working for our sake even though I cannot afford much. I just want to make my brother happy.

It's really a privilege for them that I'm mute. Yes! I'm dumb. I cannot speak. Well, it's also common that everyone bullies me. I'm just too pathetic and weak. I accept the fact that the world is just cruel enough to accept someone like me.

But I'm thankful at the fact that I've got an only friend that I can trust wholeheartedly.

Jihyun is the only one that's lending me a helping hand. Thanks to him, I got to work in a grand Hotel as a chef and room servicer. The pay here is promising too. I got this work not long ago. I can say that I've worked everywhere trying everything but it didn't last long. Since Jihyun is helping me to get this job, I can't let him down so I'm going to work harder and it can really afford my brother for his school.

About my parents, Mom became some rich man's mistress and Dad passed away a year after due to extreme alcohol consumption. That was when my life became hell. My brother was only 3 years when Mom left us. So, I don't want my brother to experience my hellish life since he's a sweet child with no defect like mine. So, I've already decided to struggle for him.

"Hey, Seomi! Got some time? "

It was a text from Jihyun.

"Yeah, I'm free now. Why? "

"Meet me at the coffee shop. "

It was the shop I worked before.

Why does he want to meet me all of a sudden?

When I reached, he waved at me.

"What happened?" I sat down.

"Do you still remember the entrance exam you appeared for the university? " He was so envious.

"Yes, why? "

"YOU GOT SELECTED!!" He cheered with excitement.

"I'm sorry. " He bowed to other customers that was glaring because he was being loud.

"I can't believe it. " I murmured as my eyes were tearing up.

"Hey ~ Don't cry over things like that " He patted my hand.

"I'm not crying. I'm just happy. It's a tears of joy. "

"Well... Well... I'll treat you to dinner as a celebration. " He exclaimed.

"No thanks. There's not much to celebrate about it. I should be the one who should do the treat since you're the one making me get selected by tutoring me. "

"You say too much. Whether you like it or not, you have no choice but to accept my treat. " I admit defeat.

He's pushy sometimes but that's what brought me this far. He's rich so I never thought he would treat me as his friend. All this time, he has been helping me and I've only been his burden. It's not like I can ever repay him.

"Thanks, Jihyun! "

"Eh? For what? For the dinner? "

"No ~ For everything you have done for me. " My tears won't stop falling. I know I look pathetic. But he has always accepted this pathetic side of mine.

"Hey ~ Stupid girl... " He smacked my head gently.

He's always been this kind. It seemed like God gifted me with a brother who's always ready to support. I'm really blessed at this.

As for how we met, it's a common encounter to others but to me, it's a miracle.


"Hey girl, why are you here all by yourself? " An unfamiliar voice called out.

I looked up with fuzzy eyes and my vision was blurry with my tears.

"Are you crying? "

I wiped my tears unconsciously. I didn't say anything. Why should I? I don't have any reason to and as if he would care. He's just a stranger.

"Are you alone? " He sat down beside me on the beach shore.

What's he doing? His uniform will get dirty and spoiled. From his uniform, he looks like a high schooler.

"Would you mind if we chat a little? I look like an idiot talking to myself. " He smiled genuinely.

Is he really smiling at me? I was overwhelmed by his kindness.

I slowly traced my fingers on the beach sand.

"I'm sorry. I'm mute. "

"Woah ~ That's exciting! " I never expected him to act that way. Is he laughing at me?

"I'm really lucky. " He seemed excited.

"Why? " I asked confusingly.

"Because I got to talk with someone unique. "

What? How is this unique? It's abnormal. I thought he was weird.

His phone beeped.

"Ahh ~ It's a pain. " He groaned.

I looked at him with a 'what happened' look.

"I'm sorry. I've got to head home. "

Just an excuse to run away from me. So why approach me in the first place if you're not interested?

"Hey! What's your name? "


"So, Seomi. Are you always here at this time? "

"Yes. Why? "

"Then, let's meet at this place at this time everyday. " He smiled handing out his hand.

I looked at him with confusion.

"It's a promise you have to make. "

I accepted his promise by accepting his hand.

I hope I can trust you once.


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