Sate My Soul
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Sate My Soul


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What is Sate My Soul

Sate My Soul is a popular web novel written by the author DemoInsideMe, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, R18, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 6.9K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 19 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 11 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"It kept on happening. Demons are returning, killing all those who I cared for. I have to do this. I have to be alone. I'm sorry... Time: Forget."


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Hello, the author here! Supporting and criticizing my own work at the same time. Well, the stability of updates is very bad, I know. I'm busy with something else (personal matters). But I wouldn't really like to leave this story hanging around, without me finishing it. I also like comments a lot. It makes me feel that there is someone reading my book. Thank you for being here though, it means a lot.


Fast paced with plot twist within. a lot of dialogue between characters that draws one to them. Look forward to reading more :) keep it up demo~


At first I felt like things were too fast-paced, but I surprisingly found it pretty well-done after progressing through the story. I look forward to seeing what this novel becomes in the future.


Woah, a good story line.. Only 3 chaps but still its so good.. everything is well written and well presented... good luck to author... keep it up


Good read Mage and Mage Story about mages are numerous but they don't seem too boring. But this one is a bit different as the Mc is Mage as well as The son of a Demon lord. He could have been the heir but he chooses to travel the world.


The story is great and well written. Although, the story development and character development is really good, try being more descriptive. [img=recommend]


I'd say this story is interesting, I thought it would be something like realism but surprisingly it's twined with fantasy, which I like. Keep it up Author 😊😊😊 P.S. We have characters with the same name XD 'Karina' coincidence?


I liked the writing style of this story and the use of spells. I thought the story was read to read and flowed well. Looks like an interesting plot. Looking forward to reading more :)


Mmm, a great story, although I hate the way what happens to the girls that u can read from the first chap (I'm a guy, but I'm more favor to girls [Im straight], I hate how they treat girls) Ahem... by the way, you need to be ready to read the book, at least you're (emotions) are not like mine (I'm always depressed when I'm thinking too much, and I can feel the emotions for real). Am... the story is good as it makes me think how the (girls) can escape from their situation. Looking forward to it, Author!


I really like the plot! The characters are amazing as well! I like the plot since it isn't focused on romantic stuff only! I hope you update the story soon!!


The story has a lot of potential from what i can see, even when it only has two chapters. The Author has a good writing style and great sense of diolouge, when the characters speak.


Interesting first chap, I like it so far, characters also are not annoying! Keep up the good work! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I love this, I could easily get into this. It’s very descriptive and capturing! I defiantly reccomend this to anyone I defiantly will be keeping updates with this book!


The story has potential if develop properly. Writing quality of author can be concider as good. But I must say the story isin little fast phase. Author can be more discrptive in some parts to make it more realistic. character seems strong. but need more details to get more clear picture of their actions. World background is nice. all and all this is good story given this is a first story by author. There r chance of improvement but author can get his grip on it in time. good work 👍 keep it up


It's a good book with a clear image and a great storyline. A creative writing style and hopefully the next chapters will be as good. Good work


Well, this is the review for the 1st chapter that I have read. (No further chapters are released yet) The story is fast-paced and the reasons for MC's actions aren't made clear. He says he wants to save the women so he killed the tavern owner but that isn't a good reason enough cause there are usually lotta things that play here. Like laws, societal norms, and regional culture. Now there are two possibilities 1. The setting is a dystopia,(which hasn't been made clear in the story yet) 2. The MC is ignorant of the laws and doesn't mind being a criminal which is really weird. I think the story should explain more about the setting of the world and the reasons for MC's actions


Intriguing first chapter, really wanted more. Well done author keep up the great work. world background is innovative and the characters are creative.


I really love it. I love an adventure work. I will appreciate if you post more chapters. I'm not good at writing review but I think this one should do.


It is really good both in pacing and background. I am one of the early reader. My only sole complain is lacking sfx. that is it. Nothing else


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