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[After the unexpected appearance of Kyubi in the village of Konoha on October 10, the villagers are doing their best to rebuild the village as best they can. Some are doing their best to care for the wounded and young children who lost their parents during that night. Many are mourning the loss of loved ones who died in the defense of the village.

At dusk, in the Uchiwa quarters, a dozen high-ranking members of the clan were in a confidential meeting to discuss the current state of affairs regarding the attack five days ago by Kyubi].

Tadase Uchiwa: ...as of now, we cannot determine who is the author of the appearance of the nine-tailed demon in our village, but it is certain that such a thing did not appear from nowhere. That's why, for the time being, we will only increase our numbers in Konoha. We will have to keep an active eye everywhere in and around the village. It is important that this does not happen again.

Uchiwa council members: * whisper *...

Kizaru Uchiwa: There are much more important things to do right now!

Tadase: What do you mean?

Kizaru: In my opinion, Sarutobi and the council members know a lot more about the events than we do. And don't forget that a few years ago, one of our predecessors, Madara Uchiwa, also made an attack on Konoha village by controlling Kyubi. The Sandaime Hokage and the others probably haven't forgotten this. I'm telling you, they are watching us, and the safety of the clan is at stake!

Kagami Uchiwa: Wait! Do you really think that the village will be suspicious of us? Many of our men have gone into battle to defend this village and many have died. How could they judge that we are the ones responsible for all this!

Tadase: Keep your voice down a little Kagami, this is just a guess that I think is not to be ignored... We need to do a few things to ensure the survival of the clan if a rebellion against the Uchiwa is ever decided by the village.

* Astonishment of all present members *

Tadase: What do you propose, Kizaru?

Kizaru: Hmm... I had already thought of such a situation; if ever the village was likely to plan something against the clan. I want you to know, however, that my idea has heavy consequences and that some of us here will have to do our part for the clan.

* Anguish of some members, Kagami shows a pessimistic air *

Tadase: The people here are more than determined for the survival of the clan, whatever it takes! Tell us your idea, go ahead.

Kizaru: ...Let's disperse some of our young Uchiwa children to neighboring countries!

* Great astonishment of the members *

Kagami (Surprised): Really? That's really the solution we're being offered? I will never accept such an idea. They are our children, think about it! How will the babies' families take the news? No one will willingly let their children be sent across this world without knowing where they are!

* murmurs from the other members *

Kizaru: It is for the good of the clan, I said. Sacrifices will be necessary! That's the most effective one I can think of and it can be carried out quickly.

Kagami: You have fallen completely on your head. The clan, the clan, that's all you care about. The village is not a threat to us in any way. I'm sorry, but I will never be part of such a plan, you are free to do what you want. * Rises from his chair * Let me tell you though, if you touch Shisui, you will regret it. Be well warned. * Leaves the meeting *

* Kizaru and Tadase show a look of contempt towards their colleague *

Tadase: * Sighs * Well, obviously it's getting late, we'll leave it at that for tonight. Let me ask you, before we leave; are you willing, members of this meeting, to make the sacrifices necessary to preserve our clan in case of mutiny from this dear village? Would you be willing to send one of your children to live elsewhere, unknown to all? Would you be willing to participate in a plan of such magnitude?

[Few solutions as drastic as Kizaru's had been proposed during this evening of deliberation. Certainly, this solution had been proposed a little bit unexpectedly without real details, but at the time, it seemed effective. Kizaru was not completely wrong, this solution had the advantage of being simple... But the consequences linked to this one were indeterminable and potentially very risky on several levels.

A long silence settled where each member of this meeting was thinking about what had just been proposed. Even though they were ninja, knowing that one of their children or the children of one of their colleagues could be kept away from their lives for a very long time, it did not leave them indifferent. Tadase, however, seemed to relish the idea and sought support from the police chief].

Tadase: Fugaku, you have to say a few things. You know very well that this is a solution that may be necessary. What do you have to say?

Fugaku Uchiwa (Thoughtful): * Eyes closed * This is so sudden. My sons are very important to me, but so is the survival of the clan... * Opens his eyes and looks at the other members * If it is for the good of the Uchiwa, for a safer future, where I can see all my sons and fight all the dangers by their side... I would be willing to make the sacrifice, yes. * Shows a look of regret as he thinks of his wife, Mikoto *

[Suddenly, following Fugaku's statement, the members of the meeting were inspired and nodded. All of them accepted this solution better. The separation was bound to be heartbreaking, but the reunion could be great and promising].

Tadase: Well... Although I cannot imagine life without my child, I would also be willing to make the sacrifice if it would preserve the life of the Uchiwa clan in case of an attack. We will hold other meetings to discuss this again if some people want to participate and in a week we will have this meeting again to possibly finalize this idea. We'll clarify the matter and proceed with the plan... if nothing better is proposed in the meantime.

Fugaku (Amazed): The execution? Next week!?

Tadase: The sooner the better since, for the moment, the families are busy taking care of themselves and don't take much news between them. We will pass the disappearance of the children on the attack of the village by Kyubi... Well, I lift this meeting, let's say to the next week. Above all, don't talk about this meeting to anyone, it's better that less people know about it, it could ruin the plan.

[The members of this council all stood up. Although the idea seemed to them to have a good potential, it was difficult for many of them not to remain insensitive. Some of them even looked regretful and disappointed already, but once again, the solution proposed by Kizaru was one of the most effective and wise in their eyes.

The week passed. Nothing was said in the whole neighborhood, and even less in the rest of the village. Some of the members met briefly to talk about it again and to try to develop the idea further. As expected, the meeting was held again.

Of the twelve members present last time, two were obviously missing, including Kagami. Masked members of the Anbu were also present].

Tadase: I see that we are missing one more member. There are only ten of us left, and only eight of us have children young enough to be taken to their designated place.

Fukuto Uchiwa: Do you think that will be enough?

Kizaru: It would have been better if there were about fifteen children in this plan... but we don't want to force anyone in the Uchiwa district. We know very well that losing a child is something that no parent wants to go through, even for the ones here. We will have to be strong tonight.

Tadase: So I summarize the list of children designated to be hidden in neighboring countries;

- Jiro Uchiwa;

- Hideto Uchiwa;

- Kazuna Uchiwa;

- Noriaki Uchiwa;

- Mifuyi Uchiwa;

- Takuto Uchiwa;

- Sasuke Uchiwa;

- Takeo Uchiwa.

Tadase: Here it is. During the last week, it was agreed that the Nakajima family, who have been loyal to the Uchiwa clan for years, would be the hosts of our children. They agreed without hesitation, and we are indebted to them. The eldest, Nekobaa Nakajima, being the one with the most developed relationship within our clan, will not take in one of our children, to prevent an enemy or clan member from finding her child easily.

Fukuto: These Anbu members, they are part of the clan I hope?

Tadase: Fortunately, yes, and they have no qualms about our plan. They will keep everything related to the plan under wraps... I will personally make sure of it if they don't. Each one of them will follow you and take care of the child. No words are meaningful enough to erase the emotional impact of this but... a big thank you for your cooperation, all of you. Be strong, this night will not be easy.

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