1 Prologue

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its already 7am in the morning and were still packing our things because we will be mooving into San Alfonso City. I also loved the fact that were leaving this city. Not that i wanted abandon things that i have here but I wanted to forget things and i cant do that if im here in San Juan City.

After finishing up packing I already got inside our car. Dad's boss Ronan Corpuz, the Ceo of Corpuz Int is a coleague of Gabriel Mortiz, the CEO of Mortiz Corp. Dad requested to move companies into Mr. Mortiz's company since his company is at San Alfonso City. So in other words we are financially ready and stable when we move in to San Alfonso City

Hours later and we have arrived at San Alfonso City. And infairness the coty roads are clean and neat. Tall buildings can be seen. Mostly sky scrappers

After a few minutes I saw what will our new house be. It is big and perfect for our family at the same time.

After a long ride we unpacked most of our things na especially our school things. I didn't though that we had this many things of us. after unpacking some things we went to the dining table and ate. Since it was already night time we just ordered delivered food from Mcdo nalang.

"Lexi, Have you prepared your school things?" Mom said as she eats calmly at our table.

"Yes mum i've already prepared my stuff" I said as response.

"how abt you Percival? " mom asked my little brother. Yes you've heard that right little brother i have one annoying little brother. he might be annoying but i still love him.

after eating we already went upstairs to go to bed. when I arrived at my room I went to my table and took out my diary and wrote on it

Dear, Diary

We just move into this city. I wish good things are about to come. And i hope that everything will just be fine.

And I dont want the bad things that occured in San Juan City to happen again




There we goo. ive dinnished the prologue at last. hope you enjoyed and would want to read more of this story.

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Cover Art by: Princess Edijah Barroga

Story Concept by: Louisse Rhea Sinteria

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