1 Resurrection

(Nobody's POV)

???: They all know... Previous Hokage

Blue Hair: 1-Hokage, the real Hashirama who everyone thinks is the "Shinobi God"?

Tobirama: Orochimaru you again?

Hashirama: What do you mean again?

Hiruzen: It looks like he broke the seal of the god of death. Thereby freeing us and then using the resurrection technique

Minato: Couldn't you find a way to break the seal like you did Orochimaru-san?

Orochimaru: You underestimate me Minato. This technique originally belonged to the Uzumaki clan and ever since I lost the ability to use jutsu, I've been searching for various documents and information about the ruins of the forgotten clan

Minato: 1-sama looks like we were summoned to the world of the living.

Hashirama bowed his head

Hashirama: Ah, who are you and, who are you too?

He pointed a finger at a guy with blond hair and purple armor and red eyes.

(Yuki POV)

(Author: The protagonist of this fanfic, Yuki Hoshigan)

I see four people here or rather living people and I understand we've been resurrected and more so Hokage

Yuki: My name is Yuki Hoshigan and I'm the 4th Hokage, I take it you're the 5th Hokage Minato?

I asked my childhood rival.

Minato: Yeah.

He turned around and showed me his cape with the name "5 Hokage" on it.

Hashirama: Oh so everything's fine in Konoha?

Minato: I don't know about that. I died before the 3rd Hokage.

Hashirama: Then who's the Hokage now?

Orochimaru: Your granddaughter Tsunade.

Hashirama's words made him gloomier.

Minato: Ah, something's wrong.

Hashirama: Tsunade was my first granddaughter that's why I spoiled her so much and adopted my bad habits

Yuki: That's good, but why did you resurrect us, you snake?

Orochimaru: I see that you haven't forgiven me.


Yuki: Why should I forgive you? I see that you don't control us and we can move freely, I've tried this technique and I know its sides. So the question is why shouldn't I kill you!

I said with anger as this snake wanted to experiment on me using a hostage who was no stranger to me

Tobirama: I didn't think that the technique I created could be used by anyone. Why did you call all of us Hokage here, to destroy the village again?

After saying that all of the Hokage were ready to fight, me even more so

Orochimaru: Actually I summoned you for a different reason, he wants to ask you questions.

He walks up to a young boy standing in the middle of the room, and he looks arrogant somehow

Boy: My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I have some questions for you Hokage

Hiruzen: Is that you Sasuke?

Tobirama: You're an Uchiha? I see why you're in league with that scoundrel.

Hashirama: Tobirama! Stop saying that.

Tobirama: You're too kind brother.

Sasuke: I don't care, 3 why did you make Itachi do it?

Yuki: So I'm not interested in this at all, where's my serpent sword?

Orochimaru: It's right where you left it.

Yuki: So my sword can't be controlled by anyone.

I thought someone would take my sword.

Yuki: I'm going to go get my sword, and I understand there's a war going on here, too much chakra and too little chakra people

Minato: What? There's a war going on here?

Sasuke: Who let you go "Death Samurai"?

"Death Samurai" I haven't heard that phrase in a long time.


I appeared in front of him and wanted to tear his eyes out for his arrogance

But I was stopped by Hashirama who grabbed me by the arms.

Hashirama: He's just a kid.

Yuki: A child who is not afraid of the Hokage and dares to talk to me arrogantly at his age I was the best shinobi and was already the Hokage

I walked away from Hashirama.

Yuki: I'll go get my sword and be on the battlefield

I turned around and didn't wait for their reactions as I had already turned into a white flash

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