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Samurai House (BTS)


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What is Samurai House (BTS)

Samurai House (BTS) is a popular fanfic written by the author ash_knight17, covering Music & Bands genres. It's viewed by 234.4K readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 162 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 5 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[18+] It was an era where samurai's fought for lands and were in constant battles against each other. The time when lords looked after the lands. When Yuki Mura, a maid working under the Takeda's house decides to help a guest out of plight, the last thing she expects is to be charmed and scammed by a stranger who is none other than the youngest son of the Takeda house, Taehyung Takeda.

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Does any work of ash-knight need a rating to be told how awesome the book is? I am absolutely loving this already. And a reminder, if you see any book from this author, just add it in your library and you wont regret it one bit. Cheers ash.


I always love the author story... Even the story just begin it already catch my attention. The story is very interesting as always Hope the author will update soon.


One of my favorite author😍😍...all her novels are already in my library. Added this one 1 again, even though I don't know the meaning of BTS, but so far is ash_knight. I will always support her


Finally it's here and I am just so damn excited to get lost into this book of yours as it's already getting interesting and heart beating moments when Yuki is asked to switch places with Lady Hana........💙 And it's totally different from the Lord series.


Waohhhh !!! Another novel of Ash in my library .... Her stories are always the best💯 and I hope this story will attract the readers just like her other novels ❤


chapters are very short. the writing is good. i dont see bts really as themselves in this story but i like how theyre set in an old kingdom setting. i hope the story follows the name of samurai house and bts are epic swordsmen fighters. still for a bts fan, this isn't the best story because the bts vibes are not there. but just as a story this is quite good altho short.


BTS in Japanese version/ history. Another master piece of the best author in the WN. Looking forward for the characters witty, unique and adventurous personalities. 😉😊


Ash knight your books are awesome.... I get all excited whenever I see updates of your novel in my library you write good stories... it's as if they are realistic You really are a writer If your novels are to be aired I will surely watch them over and over Thank you Author San


Yieeeee new book from my favorite Author, Hi Bebe Ash notice me please hahahahaha. I've been supporting you since Wattpad World. All of your stories/novels are in my library. Mweh mweh. Have a good health and continue to give us smile on our faces because of your great novels ❤😘


Ash knight never disappointed me , I've had read most of her novel and all of them were amazing, I'm in love with all of them. But author nim , when will you upload news chapters of samurai house , it's been months and there hasn't been any updates, I don't know if you're sick or not , I won't force you but can you please update new chapters when you're free.Love you a lot , and wish you are in good health.


I love this book! I think you are a great writer and is destined for greatness. I think this books captures BTS perfectly and have a great story line. Great job!


The book is amazing. It shows great talent in the writer. She develops the story well and the character are very defined! I give this book 5 stars!!


Reveal spoiler


I just came to get some points and tried reading it, to give it a review as this one is on top of the list and--- Dear Lord, I am camping here!!! The boys are giving out different vibes, it's like watching them doing a costume drama. It's really good and it seems TaeTae is going to be a cool character...it's new to me... Waiting for more.. Recommending!!


This book is fantastic! Good Job AuthorSan! As always you never disappoint! The start is amazing, it gives me the thrills and stuff, I hope the story ends well, Keep up the good work and Goodluck!


Actually a great story!!! Can't really see the BTS in this scenario but great story nonetheless. There were some parts that could use more adjectives or adverbs to give the story more flavor or perfectly hit a spot for a more complete atmosphere, cause some parts feels like they were written just for the sake of it and feel separate instead of integrating into the era and story. BUT it was still a great read and got me enchanted!!!


Author, I have read your books! I think two or three of them. I will recommend this, coz I know you'll do good! Enjoy writing the story coz I'm liking it so far. Good luck!


this author is amazing. I have read a few of her works and they are absolutely amazing. So I thought to try out this book but I see that it hasn't been updated, ummm will you update this book author??


is the cover of the book a picture of taehyung??????????🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I only noticed it after reading it and I was like, he kinda looks familiar now where have I seen him before, and then i said, is that kin taehyung?!?!?!?!


Dear author san Are you an ARMY? I have been waiting for a movie from the membera and this book woukd be a good start.. I cant wait.. I love all your books.. Hoping your bioks will come to live


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