Salvation (On Hold For Editing) Book

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Salvation (On Hold For Editing)


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Eira Winter is a Neko, taken away from her family in an ambush attack by a pack of werewolves. The Red Moon pack. She is an outcast, a punching bag for the pack, a slave. She has been abused by the pack for being a neko. The once happy, carefree, and bubbly girl died on the day everything was taken away from her, leaving only a shell of a person. Matt Caron is the Alpha king. He has been taught to respect and protect all females. He has been searching for his mate since he turned 16, he's now 23 and has pretty much given up on finding his mate. What happens when he gives a surprise visit to the Red Moon pack. * Neko is originally an anime character who is half cat-half human. They are humans who have cat ears and a cat tail

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