10 IRL - The new CEO

Busy. That was Yohan's state for the past few days. Not that the man was usually one to twiddle his thumbs. He was even the type to stay chained to his desk to work without ever counting his hours when the situation demanded it. And there was an upcoming situation that required him to forget the real world and pour all his strength and his energy into Salang World.

Code. Game sessions. Code. Errors found and fixed. Meetings with the teams in charge of the script, the design, and the animation, to be sure that all the improvements and upgrades they scheduled are done smoothly.

His team wanted to bring the player experience of Salang World's users to its next level for the fateful day. The one where they were going to meet their potential investors. Because of this, Yohan's sanity was nearing its lowest level as his fatigue level leveled up faster than the magic power level Sung Jin-Woo received after activating the Black Heart. But it was worth it.

Salang World, his baby, his project that had become real after years of hard work and countless sleepless nights, had been spotted by a large company that was interested and intended to invest. To prepare for this opportunity, the Salang World team had to attend a meeting that would take place in a few days.

Yohan stretched and weakly reached out to grab the mug next to his screens. He took one last look at the gaming session he had paused and got up to get the precious liquid he needed to fuel his strength.

The man shuffled until his kitchen cupboard opened before his eyes widened. There was no more coffee. He needed to restock.

He sighed and his eyes stared blankly for a moment when he thought he had to go to the convenience store.

The thought of ​​crossing paths with Narumi or her alleged boyfriend had made him avoid going out for several days but he knew he couldn't go on like this any longer. He ignored his inner gentleman who was calling his inner wolf a drama queen and headed for the bathroom to get ready.

He had little chance of seeing her, but if he did, he preferred to be to his advantage. Yohan opened the door and immediately loosened the waistband of his sweatpants before pulling his t-shirt over his head. He stopped in front of the mirror to look at himself and pouted disapprovingly at his appearance.

Dark dark circles darkened the outlines of his eyes, and his pale complexion reminded him that dehydrated meals were not real food.

'Even if she was single, Miss Park wouldn't look in your direction with that face,' his inner gentleman taunted which immediately elicited a glare from his inner wolf.

However, he thought the same. He couldn't go on like this. Even if it was just to keep working properly, he could not maintain this unhealthy lifestyle. He had to pull himself together. His clothes landed in the overflowing laundry basket and Yohan noted that he had to do some laundry before leaving the apartment and he got into the shower.

When he closed the door to his home almost an hour later, his motivation had increased to the point that there was nothing he couldn't face. However, this feeling of invulnerability only lasted until the elevator he had rushed into opened its doors one floor lower and Narumi appeared with the stranger from the roof by her side.

A series of curses escaped from the mouth of his inner wolf. Why? Why on earth? He had lived here for almost a year and he had barely seen the young woman despite many prayers now that he found out that she was probably taken, he saw her as soon as he took one step out?

Was the universe giving him a middle finger? Because it looked like it! Or was somebody trying to pour salt on his wounds to make him understand that he had better give up?

In his head, Yohan had no trouble imagining the smirk of whoever was in charge of distributing luck in love. He was sure now. Someone had cursed him!

He bit his lip, almost ripping a chunk out of the inside of his cheek, and his inner gentleman who didn't want to see him lose face took over. A smile worthy of his long hours of training to work his business front appeared on his face.

He would have been dazzling if it hadn't been for Jun noticing the slight pause he had made.

"The upstairs neighbor," Narumi greeted him with a smile that made her eyes twinkle and her face beam.

The vision broke Yohan's defenses but he just widened his smile and ignored the rumble of his inner wolf which announced that he would probably agree to an affair if it was with her. His eyes went up to the stranger and he remembered his almost desperate expression back on the roof.

The man instructed his inner gentleman to slap his comrade behind the head to shove some sense into his mind and he took advantage of his business smile.

"Miss Ramyeon! How are you? I hope you tried the recipe I gave you last time," he turned to Jun to whom he gave a quick nod in greeting and his phone rang.

At that time, Yohan did not yet know who his interlocutor was, but he was ready to make him his new best friend. His hand reached down to grab the device as he gave the couple in front of him an apologetic look and then looked at the screen. His stomach churned slightly and a bad feeling gripped him in the throat. He reluctantly picked up the phone.

"Hey, Yona Noona. Why are you calling me? What? What are you doing at my house? Just how did you get inside in the first place?"

He then realized his state close to hysteria and cleared his throat to find his composure. However, he couldn't stay composed any longer when he heard the phrase the woman on the phone had just uttered.

As if death itself was on his heels, Yohan moved forward to press the button for the next floor. He needed to get out of that elevator right now. He hung up his phone without even bothering to say goodbye and frantically pressed the button until the metal doors opened to let him out.

He stormed out and Jun, who had been watching the scene intrigued, was surprised to hear her best friend giggle. The sound that surprised him turned into a burst of laughter that brought tears to her eyes.

"He has nothing to do with the first impression I have of him, she stated after a while

A smirk then decorated Jun's face upon hearing the comment and he crossed his arms over his chest before leaning against the back wall of the device, silent.

Several floors up, a man threw open the door of his apartment and shouted at the woman who had entered without his permission.

"What is this story, Noona? What do you mean you are our new CEO?"

A pretty woman came out of the kitchen where she had made herself comfortable cooking the ingredients she had brought with her.

Seo Yona was well aware of his little brother's bad habits when he got absorbed in work. That's why when her friend Mo Seorin told her about the departure of their CEO, she immediately agreed to take over the position. She was going to come to help them and at the same time do her best to get her little brother out of his celibacy. The light in her eyes made Yohan shiver.

"Seorin spoke to me when I thought I was going to help you. After all, I have experience."

Yohan felt the noose closing around his neck. His older sister didn't need to open her mouth for him to know her true intentions. They were written on her face. He could already see the chaos that was going to reign in his life and he started to sputter.

"Y-yes, but you have your j-job. We are looking for someone who is dedicated to Salang World."

"I know, that's why I quit my job."

"Say that again?"

"I quit, I'll devote myself entirely to Salang World."


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