Saint Lucilfer’s beast Book

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Saint Lucilfer’s beast


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In the year 1657, a mass genocide took out one -third of the human population leaving long-term physical and psychological harm to the surviving children and adults. A young girl finds herself in a blood-tale after a war outbreak that left her displaced, her mother missing, and her father dead. She had seen many things with her eyes showing the sorrows and pain of the years that passed by. She put in all efforts to grow stronger to avenge the people at the bottom that witnessed thousands of corpses lined up to be set ablaze, the blood bath and loss of their loved ones. She swore to avenge humanity but her plans were cut short after she was betrayed by her own team and sold off for marriage to the Captain of the ship she boarded, but faith had other plans for her when she escaped the bondage of a forced marriage and washed up the shores of the werewolf domain, where the king, lucilfer, found her pitiful self. Tags: Werewolf, romance, medieval, war, tragedy, gore, supernatural, witches/wizards. >>> my entry for the werewolf and I contest. Please support and read thanks.