"Look for the boy" A man shouts from a distance.

"He is not here"Another man shouts.

"Keep searching until he is found, the boss wants him dead or alive"Another man yells.

(Heavy panting followed by stream of sweats drops from his face)

"I need to get away from them, If I get deeper into the wood then I could shake them off my tail." He murmurs.

Slowly,crouching and hiding he manages to slip away from them.

The wood is huge and filled with bloody wild animals hungry for blood. People say that there are monsters in here, but…..no one has ever seen them. I know that walking alone in the forest is quite dangerous in itself even if there are no monsters.(Swift of thoughts runs inside him. Making him vigilant with his steps.)

After some minute of walk he sits in the shade of a tree, there he starts to think what all is happening in his life, as well appreciating the fact that he successfully manages to get away from those men. (Looking back he thinks)

At that very moment a pack of wolves appears out of nowhere,not leaving him second to hide. Soon after, the pack notices a single human with no armor empty handed sitting. They take no time and surround him from every side. The wolves were cautious with their step even though he was empty handed, like he is a wizard that would throw a fireball right toward them at no time.

Seeing the wolf forming around him, a cold chill starts to run in his body, his heart beat increases every second. At this stage he hears his heart beating, never in his life had he faced such a deadly situation ever. Fear of death looms around his face like bees around flowers, he knows that this is his last stand. Now it's only a matter of moments before the wolves attack him.There are only two options left, either to make a stand against the wolves and fight for his life or die coward.

"Come on give me what you have, I am not scared of you filthy animals"Saying that he closes his fist.

One wolf jumps to attack him, (Gun shots) gets right in his belly at midair.

The other wolves get confused, unable to trace the source.

(Gun shots)

(Gun shots)

(Gun shots)

All the wolves lay on the ground.

"Are you okay?"Someone speaks from the wood.

(He looks here and there)

"Who is there….show yourself?"He says in a puzzle.

(Suddenly a person appears in front of him in full metal armor gear.)

"Who…who are you?"He asked the strange person.

"Oh me!! My name is Raijin…Raijin Oni"

"Thank you Raijin oni for saving my life...(bows)I am forever in your debt"

"It's okay ....(Smirk)you don't have to thank me….Well,what's your name?"

"My name is killua Freecss"

"Humm Killua...By the way what are you doing alone in this forest?"Observes Killua closely.

"Oh me It's a long story….(pauses to think for a while) sorry but I am in hurry…..(bows) Once again thank you for saving me Raijin" Killua

"Wait wait….. where are you going?…Do you even know where you are going?"

(Killua holds himself back, slightly turning his head behind….then without answer starts to walk away from Raijin)

"…It seems like you are lost here."

(That word surprises killua)

"Without weapons how will you fight against animals and monsters?"Raijin says in a worried tone.

"What…(get shocked) did you say monster?...You are bluffing to scare me right?"Killua says in a horrified tone.

"No believe me there are actual monsters living in the woods.?"

"Monsters are just a myth, you are just saying it to scare me.But,I won't be scared by your cheap tricks. I have things to do"Killua speaks in confidence.

"You have things to do in this forest?"Raijin says in a confused tone.

"Yes,I have but apparently you are getting in my way"

(Killua empty stomach makes sound)

"Come on…don't lie,you are clearly lost…Let's go to my camp, there is food and you can rest there for a while…I won't stop you after that."Raijan says pointing toward his camp.

`How can I trust him? He might hand me over to them if he finds out about the prize on my head. But…he saved me earlier,beside I am extremely hungry,thirsty, and tired. If I leave now then soon I will die of hunger,but…(looks around)this is a forest there is food everywhere.But…..what about wild animals and monsters.` Killua thinks while departing slowly.

~Sees a mushroom, picks it up and tries to eat~

"Noooo….don't eat that poison,"Raijin shouts.

~Immediately throws the mushroom off his hand~

"Phew…..that was close"Killua breathes out heavily.

"Here take this sword, If you find anything wrong then you can run away with the sword"Raina says.

~Throws the sword toward Killua~

~Killua thinks for a while then picks the sword~

"Okay then let's go"

~Raise from the death wolves as I command you~

~Then at instance the dead wolves raise from the ground, their body glow and injuries heal itself~

"What....(Cries in shock) What did you do,How is this possible???.."Killua says.

"Don't worry this is just my magic"'

'I have never seen this kind of magic in my life. I knew magic existed but have never seen a magician in action, I need to stick around with him for a while' Killua thinks for a while.

"Please teach me this…please…please…."Killua says

"If you want then sure I will teach you,but first you should vowed on your life that you will never harm innocent"

"I Killua Freecss from here on vow on my life that I as your student will never harm innocent people with your teaching"Killua says.

"No..don't get me wrong we are of same age(23)…Don't think of me as your teacher but as a friend. "Raijin says, taking off his helmet.

"If you insist from now on we are friends" Killua says with spark in his eye.

~Then Killua,Raijin and wolves start to walk deeper in the forest~

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