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Safe Haven


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Book one of [Dandelion & Daisy] & Prequel of [Paradise] . "I always told you how you are my safe haven. The place where I want to plant my happiness. I already searched all my life, which heart that I can settle to. No one can give that except you. None of them is endearing and ethereal as you." ... A young writer who has passed the worse time of his life has determined to live happily alone. Unexpectedly, he crossed paths with someone from his adolescent past. Someone who has the key to his heart. . A seemingly perfect man in the public eyes has determined to take back the person who owns his heart. As the story unfolds, he realizes how damaged his safe haven had been during their separation. ... "Isn't it ironic, to willingly jump off the cliff with a broken wing? Yet I don't feel afraid to do it."


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