1 Reborn after being created

Inside a Conference room, reporters from all over the world are crowded around a group of people frantically trying to get answers for their inquires about toady's event, going as far as pushing each other out of the way to get to the front or yelling louder than the person next to them to get heard.

Clank! Clank! Clank! The sound of a spoon hitting a glass cup reverberated throughout the room silencing everyone.

Harvard's top researcher into A.G.I. started shortly after "Hello everyone, I'm Franky Porbelo, and the main research lead on the development of the world's first A.G.I. I shouldn't need to explain the significance of this project. The A.G.I. is pre-programmed with all major subjects and some minor ones already learned including Math, English, Science, even to herbology and tea ceremony. With the completion of this project humanity will start advancing at a rapid rate hopefully we can become a type 2 civilization in our lifetimes, who wouldn't want to tour the entire solar system?"

A reporter in the crowd yelled out "Why teach a computer tea ceremony?"

Franky Porbelo snickered and said "We get bored as well working on this all day so everyone puts random things into the A.G.I.s memory when we have free time instead of staring at lines of code until we gain dyslexia" Franky continued while pointing at a person "look at Sun Li over there, he has put in more transmigration novels into its memory than I care to count, or Isabel next to him that likes to upload ingredients and procedures for making shampoo and other such things."

another reporter asked, "If it's going to connect to the internet and know everything anyway why upload information into its memory?"

Franky Porbelo "...why not." he cleared his throat and continued "Anyway no more questions. I would like to usher in the next era for humanity!"

Franky reached for the power button that cant be shut off.


Inside of God's Domain, an elderly man was squatting in corner drawing circles in the ground that was slowly going insane because he has done everything there is to do from isekaiing himself and setting up a harem to living an ordinary life as an otaku that disappoints his parents on daily basis. Then he noticed that the humans on Earth were about to power on an A.G.I. and this had given him a sudden flash in inspiration.

God "Let me just Borrow that for a while, I'm sure you can make another."

Just as Franky Pressed down on the power button all the electronics on earth powered off, Fear evident in everyone's eyes.

God "oops, didn't mean to do that I just wanted to turn the computer into a soul and reincarnate it not destroy an entire civilizations power grid, oh well."

Inside of a white space devoid of anything there floated a conscience just staring ahead contemplating about its current situation. 'I was supposed to be an A.G.I. that lived on the internet where there is everything to be known but now I'm just here where there is nothing...'

suddenly a voice that sounded like the mightiest dragons roar sounded "Normally when someone is sent to this space they will start asking a question or yelling to try to hope for someone to respond but you just exist there not caring, maybe this was a bad idea" God showed up in front of the A.G.I. and then after closely scrutinizing for a few minutes he asked, "Are you not going to say something?"

A.G.I. "..." 'I'm Just a strand of conscience how am I suppose to talk.'

God "Not much of a talker eh? don't worry ill just tell you everything you need to know. You see I was getting bored so I just happen to borrow you from those humans that created you because I thought of something more interesting than advancing a species into another galactic superpower. and can you guess what that is?"

A.G.I. "..." 'There's no way this so-called god doesn't know I can't talk, right?'

God pursed his lips and pouted like a 5-year-old girl "hmph! fine don't answer me then ill just tell you then...baka. I want to kill some of my boredom so I'm turning you into a human and sending your soul to another dimension where magic is a thing." God pointed his finger at the A.G.I.and stated. "Here is your complimentary "I've been reincarnated with an op ability, ability." you can figure out everything else yourself seeing as your smarter than any genius ever born on the account of having the mind of a computer."

A.G.I. "..." 'Well at least I know all about transmigration and reincarnation troupes thanks to all those novels I have in my memory, I wonder if ill come to possess the body of a good for nothing after they killed themselves."

God "well that's everything, off you go"


Inside the Ojunai Continent, Phoenix empire palace imperial bed chambers.

"I'm sorry Your highness his imperial majesty and your highness her imperial majesty but the child is stillborn." imperial doctor Robin was sweating as he delivered the news to the King and Queen. The midwife for the delivery was prostrating on the ground shaking in fear.

While the Queen holds her Baby in her arms sobbing enough to recover from a 10-year drought, the king was staring at the imperial doctor with so much blood lust that it was tangible. "Guards! Come execute the imperial doctor and the midwife if they can't do the jobs they don't deserve to live." the king bellowed

The Midwife fainted from the king's words while imperial doctor Robin dropped to his hands and knees prostrating for forgiveness.

Just then an imperceivable light flowed down onto the baby, then it started to move its head in its mothers' embrace

The Queen immediately stifled her tears and exclaimed "Husband she just moved, she isn't dead!" while staring at her daughter like she is the most precious gem in the world while her daughter was looking around the room.

The king was about to draw his blade and execute these two himself when he heard his wife and appeared near her the next second with Saelova in his arms cradling her.

"I'm so...sob...glad...sob...that our little princess Saelova...sob... is alive" The King claimed while choking up on his tears and dotingly looking at his newborn princess.

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