1 Elder Gods Convening

"The spatial crack leading to the domain of the demons has been sealed Your Majesty, and it should hold for about 40,000 Years" an eunuch reported.

In the magnificent palace of the Ancient Oyo Empire, stood a grand court which gave off an extremely dense aura of divinity. In the court laid a throne made of gold and unknown precious stones on which an extremely handsome man with his long, black hair intricately braided backwards. He had an otherworldly aura which made the surrounding space twist and turn.

He was dressed in crimson robes with a large golden crown that rested on his head making him radiate an extremely strong aura of majesty. He had the overbearing aura of an emperor.

Assembled below him were his Council Of Elder Deities.

"40,000 years might seem to be a very long time, but to deities like us, it is only a fleeting moment and with the suppression of the heavens and earth acting upon us, we might have ascended to the Immortal Realm by then. We all know that is going to happen if those wretched creatures are able to take a step into this world in our absence, our descendants will all be wiped out.'' said the emperor whose name was Sango, a primordial deity of lightning and thunder.

"We have to do something, but what?'' an extremely thick atmosphere hung in the court.

It was at that moment that a low ranking commander at the Void – Shattering Realm barged into the Imperial Court and said with an hint of panic and fear in his voice

"Your Majesty, this is bad!''

Sango stared right at the warrior with his dark inky eyes that were as deep as an abyss making him tremble in fear and fall down on his knees as he felt like the deepest part of his soul was been peered into and all his secrets were laid out in the open.

It was Sango's well known technique called the Tyrant's Gaze. It was able to let the user see through all illusions and deceits in all living beings bringing with it a thick sense of oppression.

"What's wrong?''

"It's His Highness the Crown Prince. His battle injuries are acting up again. The empire's deity of medicine said he's not got much time left. ''replied the general.

While reporting, he suddenly felt the surrounding air around him drop by several degrees, after which a bolt of crimson coloured lightning flashed past him which was of course Sango himself.

"Haaa...It's such a pity a prodigy that could only be seen once in a thousand years like the Crown Prince would be lost. The heavens truly envy the gifted....''

Sango's only son Sijuade, the Crown Prince was the only child he had with the Wind Empress Oya .

The Crown Prince was known to all as an unrivalled son of heavens looked upon by millions of people as someone who would take the empire to an unprecedented level when he takes over the throne. He was able start absorbing the essence of the Heavens and Earth at the tender age of three. He cultivated to reach the Void – Shattering realm at the age of 18, skilled in the art of war after being tutored after the deity of war himself.

Ogun, who was stunned by his talent and gifted him the Battle Symbol, which was the unique blessing of his. He was indeed a peerless genius that would only appear in a thousand years. During the Immortal Wars when demons from other domains invaded, he led the Imperial Army to fight in the frontlines, and that was when tragedy struck when a pseudo-deity level demon was sent to assassinate the crown prince but since the prince was known to have an heaven defying combat strength, the demon could only target the army giving them one big sneak attack, making the Prince sustain a serious injury to the soul while fighting to save his brothers who fought through lots of battle with him. One must know that an injury to the physical body could be cured easily but an injury to the soul meant death, as a body without a soul was just a shell which would fade into oblivion.

All that could be done was slowly watch as the Crown Prince died slowly.Spending his last days in tranquillity while enduring an excruciating pain.

Sango flashed while leaving space. surrounding him twisting. He entered into the prince's chambers and the guards knelt in greeting but he wasn't notice as his mind was filled with thoughts towards his son's plight.Lying on a king sized bed was the 18 year old pale faced handsome prince who was smiling weakly at him while his mom, Oya was sitting right by the edge of the bed keeping him company.

"Father'' the prince said inaudibly but Sango was able to hear him clearly due to his sharpened senses, and at that moment he felt like his heart was being squeeze inside of him seeing his beloved son such a condition that rendered him helpless.

This was his son , his beloved prince!

If he was a divine dragon, then Sijuade was his reverse scale.On the day he was born, the will in the statue of his ancestor, Great God Oodua awakened and gave him his blessings, The True Monarch's Symbol. He was a born monarch.

The entire world was stunned speechless as such a phenomenon never occurred since the history of the founding of the empire.The deity of divination, Orunmila was shocked, before he ended up sighing

"The first prince is truly someone extraordinary. A true monarch.''

Sango looked at his son as his expression kept changing, his eyes potrayed a hint of hesitation and reluctance than finally unwavering determination.

Feeling the change in the aura radiating from him, the empress looked at him before finally asking

"Have you finally decided on that option?. One must know that once its done its repercussions are well known to us all.''

"Yes, I've decided. It's the only way. We can only pin all our hopes on him this time.''he then spread out his senses and summoned all deities of the council.

Not long after, there was a spatial rift from which all deities assembled.After which he told them all about his thoughts.

"I've decided to go on with this idea of mine. To use the ancestral Soul Seperating Inscription to separate the prince's soul from his physical body and send him into the future and fuse with someone of great soul compatibility.''

"What!?.Your Majesty, how could the prince possibly shoulder all that alone?'' retorted Obatala who had always being silent.

"He Will''

Orunmila sighed and said "Your Majesty, You should know that we aren't True Gods yet and doing this would make us visible to that laws governing this world.We would end up being ascended forcefully after the heaven's retribution descends.I would rather not go along with this normally but since the prince's fate is something I couldn't see through since it is being veiled by an higher existence, I think this is a good idea that we can go ahead with.At most we would just be ejected from this world immediately which would lead to our empire's decline as there would be no deities left.''

"Wait! Let me get this straight…..even you Orunmila, was unable to peer into the prince's destiny?'' asked Ogun with brightly lit eyes.

"Yes, I...….''

"Pfftttttt!!.....Hahahahahahahaha....Oh my Metal Balls!! You damn old fogey! Muahahahahaha...finally you met someone of your own calibre whose fate you could'nt peer into.Hahahaha, Good for you ,Old man.''

Even the always serious Sango couldn't help laugh while pointing at Orunmila which made him blush in embarrassment.

"Yea….I couldn't peer into the princes fate so what? The prince was clearly a monster himself'' retorted Orunmila shamelessly.

One must know that orunmila was someone who was a deity of divination and he was quite shameless to an extent that he would use a divination technique while in a fight.He was able to defeat Ogun himself in a spar due to this.The deity of war was so embarrassed and never sparred with him anymore. He would always go around saying there was no individual deity or mortal whose fate he couldn't peer into.Seeing him so helpless while in the front of the prince was very exhilarating. Ogun would surely continue teasing him ,as it made him feel so good.

All deities activated the enchantment and after inscribing runes to prevent the soul from dissipating, a spatial rift was torn open by Sango in which the prince's soul was sent off to.

And thus began the Legend Of A Monarch.

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