1 Chapter 1: The Fall of Earth

It's the year 100,050 on a small planet called Earth were a sole race lives on the planet, Humans. For 75,000 years there has not been a single tree seen on the planet due to pollution from the 'old ages'

In order to secure a new energy source instead of fossil fuels and atomic energy a mad scientist called Neferzo Maxwell had an idea to harvest energy from directly inside the suns core. Of course people had not been able to see the core and thought that it was impossible.

The Government was shocked when they found that It actually was possible and over the span of 700 years, the royal family of Australia changed from having a mere prime minister to the Maxwell family as the royal family.

All of earths problems were solved with the finished product of Tetra was created. The cable was indestructible to it's very core. Nuclear Energy was tested on it and it did nothing at all. The cable was pitch black and the height was unfathomable.

Gradually humans learned to trust this energy as it became not only energy but, food, steel, artificial flesh and bones and was eventually even used to build houses. Of course there were people who tried to militarise this energy and their entire countries were wiped off the face of the earth.

Humans had truly found the fruits of all their ambitions. Problems did occur occasionally but they were dealt with and even were improved upon.

By the time that that 50,000 years had passed a new species of humans was born. These humans had a different genetic makeup that included 1.5% of the suns energy in their genes. A subtle 1.5% difference in genetic gave these new humans naturally white, grey, blue, pink and any other colour you can imagine hair as well as their bodies became able to withstand radiation at a much higher levels then humans and even survive being frozen alive for no matter how long.

Another 50,000 years flew by and the ground was completely barren. There were no people or animals who lived on the surface of the earth as all humans now lived in orbit. Planets like Mars, Jupiter and Mercury had all been capitalised for their resources.

In the year 100,050, A 16 year old boy was sitting on his roof finishing up smoking his packet of cigarettes as he saw the Tetra's surface opening at multiple holes and continuing to do so all the way down to the earth's surface.

Shin rubbed his eyes with has hands but it was not an illusion. The emergency lights all over the dome started flashing as a voice over the emergency speaking was telling everyone to head to their individual freezers.

Shin was about to get his little brother and sister to escape with him but he heard a rumbling noise from behind him. He turned around to see 100,000's of people running towards their freezers in all directions. Shin new that by himself he could escape but he really didn't want to abandon his only family left.

He only had a split second to make a decision as it would be too late soon. He decided to rescue his family but for that he would need a means of protection. Shin's last name was Hill and the Hill family had been a family of Australian swordsmen for a long time. They held their most precious family heirloom a katana in the training.

Shin opened the sliding door and walked towards the stand that the sword was on. He tried to remove the katana from the stand but it wouldn't budge. Shin remembered that the only way to ge the katana to leave it's stand and unsheathe it was to dot the blood your finger in the middle of the button on the handle.

The handle was wrapped in a beautiful black cloth with red cloth shaped as cloth underneath. The whole sword began to shift and change to his length. The blade extended from 1 meter to 1.3 meters. He grabbed the hilt and shoved the sword into his belt. The sword didn't wiggle when he walked showing him that it was a perfect fit.

Up until shin was 12 he was constantly being taught the traditions of the swordsman of the Hill family and he knew all their techniques off by heart. He rushed upstairs into his room to grab some things to help him along the way. He grabbed a black hazmat mask, black hoodie and black full leg pants. They had incredible flexibility as well as the ability to regulate body temperature and odours.

He packed the same for his brother and sister and he headed down stairs.

"Oi! Guys!? Where are you?" Shin asked in a loud tone while the mask hazed his voice. His brother and sister knew about this already and came out to him.

"Big Brother! I was so scared!" The 8 year old boy exclaimed while sobbing.

"Grow some balls dipshit!" His 12 year old sister yelled at him as she looked at the younger brother. The children's names were Adam and Sakura and they both had a scared look on their faces. Sakura was better at hiding hers though as she walked up to Shin.

"So Brother Shin what are we gonna do?" She asked with a trembling voice. She was obviously trying to stay strong for Adam so I took over the situation.

"We will be making our way to freezers as our family's freezers shouldn't be taken as we are a noble family." I said comfortingly.

I ushered them out the front door and we made our way onto the main road. The road was made of hardened Sun Steel and couldn't be broken. The kids had already put on the masks I gave them. As we made our way down the street a chill down ran my back. I couldn't sense things like this before so why could I now? I thought to myself.

I picked up Adam and Sakura and ran at full speed towards the freezers. As I was running I was just passing the other people running as I had slightly better physical fitness. A loud bang was heard from my left as I ran past a little girl sobbing in front of her parents dead bodies.

More and more bangs and screams for help were heard throughout the run. As we ran I saw a case that I couldn't let go. There was a woman being raped by a single man. She was unable to fight back as her daughter was hostage. By now we had past everyone else running and the freezers were just up ahead. I ordered Adam and Sakura to get to the freezers and don;t wait for me.

They followed my order as I came to a stop around the corner of a wall out of the view of the man. I partly slid my katana up with my thumb from it's sheath and within a second I was in range of the man. The man didn't have the time to react as I unsheathed my katana and let it's beautiful black blade with a red tint on the sharp side slice through his neck cleanly. The mother's face was in shock as I sheathed my sword and started to run towards the freezers. I got onto the platform that the freezers were being held onto and saw Adam and Sakura strapped to the back of the inside of their pod looking at me.

I went to my pod and took my katana out of my belt. There was room for items to come along in the freezers for the trip. I placed the katana in a strap for items and made sure it was secure. I was strapped in by the guards and the glass lid closed. The pod began to fill up with a yellow liquid that contained enough nutrients to survive for 10,000 years. The pod was indestructible as it was made from the same Sun Steel as the roads and other things.

My katana was also upgraded every 100 years and it has been improved every time. I looked at my body one last time as the liquid was about to fill the pod up. I had grey hair with skin slightly on the pale side. My body had developed muscle and was able to smash a boulder with ease.

*Boom* A massive explosion happened right in front of my pod as a 20 feet tall life form that could only be described as a monster landed in front of me killing 20 people. The sword rattled violently as if it wanted to fight that thing but of course neither of us could move.

The guards were killed instantly with one sweep of its hand. I couldn't even see its body when it killed them as well. The last guard managed to hit a random button on the control panel and the liquid began to freeze. The pods began to drop off the platform towards earth and the last thing I saw before I entered cryo-sleep was the entirety of the 'indestructible' town in the atmosphere explode into pieces.

Written by: dashiharu

Edited by: dashiharu

This is my first chapter for the dystopian male lead competition. If it does well then i'll probably continue the series after the competition. :)

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