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Born a fatherless bastard and with an impoverished, ravaged Province to Govern, Nox ZaiWin has more than enough on his plate. And so yeah, the last thing he wanted was to become some Celestial's Chosen One. And is that even a Celestial? Hasn't the brat just murdered more than one-hundred of his men with a single scream? Aren't Celestials supposed to be holly, pure beings, that abhor all forms of death and killing? No other choice! No matter how sinful it may be, the brat must die! Snow has lived most of his life locked in a dark room, explored and sold for his miraculous blood. There are a lot of things he does not understand about the outside world. But one thing is certain. He does not want to have anything to do with some scary dark monster. He wants to be free! And he’ll do whatever it takes to reach his goal. And yet … Shit! Aren’t they stuck together now? Their life-lines intertwined? Wait! If the dark monster wants him dead, that’s easy enough to solve. All he has to do is to successfully kill him first! ** Hi there!! If you've found this novel and you're interested in reading it, please search for the original post here at Webnovel - Dark Wind, Icy Snow - RyuTar, YinYuan. There you'll find a lot more chapters there (presently 58 and I update daily). I only created this repeated novel because the original one seems to be bugged and doesn't appear on any of Webnovel's updates. Also, I appreciate that any votes, comments and reviews be cast there. I'm so sorry for the trouble and thank you for reading it ^_^ ♥ **


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