Ryan: The First Werewolf Book

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Ryan: The First Werewolf


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Welcome everyone, this story is going to tell you how my old boi Ryan (who is 1.2 billion years old...or is he older? how does he know shit that he shouldn't know?) becomes the Alpha of Nightmare Pack, he is the first werewolf and is also the strongest, he has many different forms but just likes to use the one. This tells the story of Ryan who just appeared out of the ground as a shadow before forming into the shape of a wolf. Come and follow his journey from no one to the Alpha of the strongest pack P.S I don't own the cover image, if the owner wants me to take it down I can take it down, also Ryan is my oc please don't use him for anything I mean its not like your going to anyway but I'm just saying. So far I liked writing this one so I'll probably be sticking with this one let me know what you guys think, I'm not really all that good at writing to be honest so any constructive criticism would help and be greatly appreciated. (Also this story is going to be a long A** one soooo if you want to stick around just add it :3)


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