1 End Of Average Man

In NY undersome bridge where lots of homeless people where laying down thinking how they come here or thinking where their life gone wrong.There was one old man whit white unshaven bearded old man was taking his final breath meanwhile he had same thought as those around him his name was Brent Zarnil his life was full of hardship he had no family no kid no relative he was orphan and he was a big dreamer when he sees those movies or comics because he wanted Superpowers anykind of superpower was ok to him but sadly dream stays dream for him he was average man who worked at factory but got injuried in his back making him cripple and worse losing all saving went futile to heal his back and he become homeless and he had to beg for money just to sustain his miserable life..'Sigh i guess this is it huh it nevercome hahah well i guess i could become superhero or villain like batman robin or ironman if i had trained diligently but i had average score or lower than average scores in middleschool if i only had superpower i will be doing whatever i want living like kings from medieval age haha well i hope i gets reincarnated or returns past thinking silly thing he awaits deaths embrace...

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