Ryan Morgan: Love Contract Book

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Ryan Morgan: Love Contract


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Slice of life novel of a power couple with mystery, twists and suspense that won't let you sleep! Ryan is the youngest and least accomplished of the world-renowned fashion tycoon Lady Elizabeth's grandsons. Out of nowhere, he is given a chance to inherit her multi-billion dollar wealth—but there is a catch to it. He needs a wife to compete in his stead. Unfortunately, Ryan doesn't even have a girlfriend yet. Before his Grandma returns to their hometown to perform the selection, he has a week to find the perfect wife. But... Will his mysterious urges even allow him to find love? What if they turn out to be something only written in fairy tails, something that will change his life forever? _____________ Advance Chapters on Patreon --> Patreon.com/Piokilek Drop me a coffee -> ko-fi.com/Piokilek Author's Insta -> instagram.com/piokilek Discord -> https://discord.gg/mFmYwyT