Ryan and Ray Book

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Ryan and Ray


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Ryan Lewis is an eighteen-year-old runner, who makes good grades and living his life. He is best friends with Carson David, an eighteen-year-old basketball player. Not only Ryan and Carson are close friends but have known each other since their first year at John F. Kennedy High School. They are like brothers, they do everything together. One night while coming home from a football game, Ryan and Carson end up in a car crash. After losing Carson, Ryan is grieving over his loss. But one day Ryan bumps into this seventeen-year-old girl named Ray Oliver. She seems to like everyone. But after they start dating, Ray is hiding something she knows what caused Carson's death, will she either tell the truth or will she continue to protect this person. ***** Authors Note: Please do not steal this story. Everything I write, is made up, and if I come to find out you are stealing my idea, you will be reported. Plagiarism is a crime, and you will not be surprised how angry I will become if I come to find out you've stolen my story. This goes to all my books. Please, I'm begging you, DO NOT STEAL!! *****