1 Prologue!

Deep in space among millions of stars, we can see a couple talking about their baby a pretty normal occurrence in any civilization you can think of. The child is currently sleeping soundly while the couple continues talking and talking. After some time the male voice sigh and nod his head while looking at his wife.

Father: You sure think this is the best for him?

Mother: Humph. Says the one who hasn't decided anything yet.

Father: ...So many worlds so many possibilities and you decide the future just because of a... feeling, i really don't understand you.

Mother: You are 1000 years to early to understand the feelings of a Golden Dragon!

Well, that's right the male and female in question aren't your usual human couple discussing where to send their child as this is kinda obvious as they are now in the deeps of some random multiverse.

That's right the couple we are listening to is a dragon couple.

The father of the child is a Black Dragon known for their strong bodies and speed. the mother, in this case, is a Golden Dragon renown for their eyes and senses.

Both dragons keep staring into each other's eyes, an eternity seems to pass as both keep staring and staring until the black dragon avert his gaze and sigh.

Father: Sigh. If you are having a good feeling about his it can't be helped.

As the father finishes his words they both look at each other and move their heads in the direction of a rapidly closing planet on the distance. the planet as they can observe is big even for then, that means a lot as they have seen a lot of different planets in their lives. Two-thirds of the planet are in an eternal corruption of filth and negativity, the only third retains a more healthy and natural look.

After closing the distance with the planet the couple start looking left and right for a good family to take care of their child.

They see another couple in a medium-sized house currently hugging each other while the female is crying with no end, her tears already drenching the male shirt.

Female: Sob* Sob*. i can't believe it after trying so much we still can't get a child and they even don't let us adopt anyone. Sob * Sob*

Male: Calm down honey we both know how they treat a Faunus even after the peace the prejudice they held won't just disappear.

While the couple is having their sad moment two dragons are observing their interactions while marking then as possible adoptive parents.

After days observing the couple, the dragon pair was satisfied with what they observed. Apparently the couple are very caring and attentive and they think they will be a happy family to take care of their kid.

Father: I think we found a good family.

Mother: i hope so.

Father: The problem is the thing this world has with faunus i don't want my baby suffering for it.

Mother: He's a dragon, he can withstand it.

Father: I know is just... it's very difficult for some people.

Mother: So what will be the name?

Father: We both know a Dragon only gains his name in the ceremony.

Mother: I know is just that this world is different in this aspect and i at least want to give him a name before parting, so which one?

Father: i was thinking about Aureum it means golden in an old language i think is pretty fitting considering he has your eyes.

Mother: I'm pending more towards Nigrum it means black.

And like this the couple keep discussing the child name bickering back and forth they keep going trying to choose and after some hours of the most heated argument of these two, they finally decided on a good name.

Mother: Sigh... i will choose Aureum just because the name is too fitting for him.

Father: NICE!

Mother: Since we somehow choose a name it's time to say goodbye to our baby boy.

So like that the couple looks at their child that will soon go living with another family and after a long loving look and hugs it's time. when the father was going to move he suddenly remembers an important thing that hits him like lightning.

Father: Oof almost forgot to awaken his aura.

Mother: Me too, since we will leave him on a foreign planet like this we should at least give him something.

Them the father closes the distance stretch his claw towards his son's forehead and start the process, after some time a phenomenon occurs, a loud dragon roar echos through space, and after some time it's starting to die down little by little.

Mother: So you used the special method huh.

Father: Yes the aura already awakened and thus the phenomenon passed.

Mother: But he will need to truly awaken his aura by himself right?

Father: Right what i did was just to disperse the phenomenon we don't want unwanted attention for our kid.

Mother: figures with this much illusion barries you put to change his roar into yours.

Father: Just a simple use of aura.

Mother: *whisper* Simple he says *whisper*.

Father: What?

Mother: Nothing... he*he*.

Father: let's go we are kinda late and even if we use the honeymoon excuse again i think they won't buy it.

Mother: I know that bunch of geezers even after so many problems they caused because of our marriage they won't leave us alone, bunch of retards.

Father: Language! we have a kid here.

Mother: Oo c'mon you too are pissed at them... And it is not like he can understand anything he just some days old.

Father: Sigh...

So the dragon couple keep going on the planet in the direction of the house of the female and male faunus that will take care of their kid. The dragon duo observes the couple one last time as they are awake resting on the sofa while both of them read some books.

The dragon duo go to the door and loudly knock on it causing the sound to reverberate through the house making the faunus couple jolt in surprise, the male picking a sword close to the fireplace goes check the door, while the wife goes pick up a sniper gun on the kitchen and are aiming at the door the suspense of someone knocking on the door this time of the night smells like the criminal history they were reading.

The male slowly lifts his hand aiming at the doorknob and with a fast superhuman jolt opens the door abruptly and there he sees... just a baby.




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