RWBY: Solar belladonna’s new beginning Book

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RWBY: Solar belladonna’s new beginning


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This is solar’s journey as he is given a second chance at life by being reborn as Blake’s little brother. With the knowledge of whats to come he trains to change what is to come for the better or worse. Solar: i wake up only to find myself in darkness drifting through the seemingly endless void as if it was an ocean. I was clueless for how long i was drifting but all of a sudden i hear muffled voices. I cant quite make them out but there slowly getting louder and i feel something is putting pressure on me so i do what any sane person would and retaliate. I try kicking and pushing it away only to hear what sounds like excitement? And then i met my new parents in my second life living as a human born from a Faunus couple with my big sister Blake. But the catch is i cant see, speak, weigh and grow much less then everyone else but at least i have my aura and semblance with me from birth. { So it begins with solar having a powerful soul he mold it with his aura into his most powerful tool } [ This is my first time doing this since i was bored and got a bit os inspiration so hopefully you will enjoy this. I will try to upload as often as i can but expect perfection from a rookie ]


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