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What is RWBY: RYZE

Read RWBY: RYZE fanfiction written by the author Slothful on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, weaktostrong, rwby. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Dying for no reason Liam is picked at random as someone to change the ending of Remnant, given 3 wishes at the start he is thrown into the world slowly picking a path for himself. Greetings reader, I am a dumb fuck that is shit at grammar and isn't the smartest guy out there I wanted to write something up for myself since I love to dream about this type of stuff. Edit: I will be using the general idea of RWBY but will have my own ideas and story progression. I don't want to be a copy past of RWBY and be the side character or take away from others in the story I don't know when ill update ill see if anyone likes it after a few chaps and if they do ill try my best to do something with this story And please do give me constructive criticism as it will help a lot. you know the drill not my art


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I'm the editor of course 5 stars if I didn't it be an insult to me now read it I guess it's alright. bruh word limit is so fûcking annoying honestly.


The story had a great start, and great build up to the rest of the story. Grammar isnt actually bad, and somewhat unnoticable, it does steadily get better chapter by chapter. The plot and story is going great, not much else to say here. The world buildup is written suprisingly well, most rwby fanfics have terrible world background and development, they can be shallow, unlanded and not make any sense (unrealistic), go against the plot and make said plot look ridiculously stupid, or just lack and neglect the world around them. This fanfic however doesn't do any of that from what I've read so far, and is being written and developed quit well, good job on that one author.


Bloody amazing start for a Rwby fanfic I hope that this one stays up and doesn’t get dropped. Yup yes yes yup yup yes yes I yes yes yup yup yes yes I yes yes yup yup yes yes I yup yes yup yeah I yes yup yup


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