13 First Semester Part 13

The moment the match started, Jaune dashed forward and knocked Cardin's mace aside with a shield parry, Cardin's arm flew back as Jaune struck out with his sword, the point of the blade stopped inches away from Cardin's neck before Jaune said, "Lesson one; never underestimate your opponent, just because my weapons don't have guns attached to them, doesn't mean I'm weak."

Cardin gulped, then was surprised to see Jaune back off and take a defensive stance with his shield, "Come on, we came here to learn from each other, come at me with everything you can."

Cadrin got pissed off as he charged Jaune wildly and swung his mace out as hard as he could, Jaune shook his head and stood to the side tripping him over and swung Crocea Mors, hitting Cardin in the back with the fuller of the blade.

Cardin tumbled forward causing his Aura to drop a bit, he quickly jumped back up and shot a couple of Fire Dust blast at Jaune.

Jaune lept forward into the attack and created an Aura Shield around his own Sheild, he tanked the blast as he charged forward and slammed into Cardin's chest, pinning him to the ground, Jaune placed his sword over the lip of his shield and pointed at Cardin's neck again, "Do you yield?"

"Get off of me you god-damn freak!" Cardin yelled as he tried to push back against Jaune's shield.

However, Cardin found that he couldn't even move in the slightest, Jaune then sheathed Crocea Mors and gave his opponent a fierce punch in the face that knocked Cardin's Aura down into the red.

Yang frowned, "That move..." she was surprised how much of Jaune's image overlined with her father's stance, "Does Jaune know martial arts?" Ruby asked seeing the similarity between them as well.

"If he did it isn't that formal, it's like something he picked up and made his own, I wonder who taught him," Yang said scratching her head.

Cardin's Aura couldn't take anymore damaged and shattered as Jaune's fist connected to his chin, without even feeling it, Cardin had been knocked out.

After waiting for a while he woke Cardin up and held his hand out, "Good match, you did well, normal people would have surrendered, but you didn't, you can get a lot stronger."

Cardin slapped his hand and grunted, "Just you wait, I'll be stronger than you in no time you...You Freak of Nature!" He stood up and walked off stage making Jaune feel a little bad, "Did I screw that up?" He thought as he walked off the stage and sat back with the rest of the team who cheered him on.

"Good match," Ren said giving a thumbs up.

"You were awesome!" Ruby said as she sat next to him.

"Yeah he was all 'Ragh!' and you were all like, 'Too slow!' and then he went kaboom, and you were like, Kashing, and went all glowy, and when you punched him, man, that was the best part," Nora rattled on.

"What she said," Yang chimed in.

"Who gave her coffee?" Ren asked seeing Nora's pouring out a cup from a thermos container and sipping from it.

Jaune slapped his head, "I made a pot this morning, I guess she took some without me noticing."

"She'll burn out soon enough," Ren said shaking his head.

"Any Idea why he called me a freak?" Jaune asked.

"I think it's because of how much Aura you have," Weiss said pointing at the screen.

"Jaune's a real Aura Monster!" Yang said with a grin.

Jaune looked over to see that his Arua level read 'Current Software is insufficient to calculate!' laughing, Jaune tired to play it off, "It's not that impressive, I'm sure you guy's will have even more when you get older."

"But you have this now, can you imagine how much more will you have in the future?" Pyrrha said with wide eyes.

Everyone looked to Jaune again and stared at him for a while, "Okay, we still have classes left, we should go," Jaune said while running away.

After the rest of his classes, Jaune returned to the room to see everyone goofing off.

Only Pyrrha, Ren, and Weiss had started on their homework, seeing that it would take some motivation to get the rest of the academic slackers into gear, Jaune said, "Well, after I finish off my homework, I plan to go to the Emerald Forest after this and get some training in by killing some Grimm."

Hearing this Yang, Ruby, and Nora perked up, however, what Jaune said next made them pout, "Of course you need the Headmaster's permission to train there without a teacher or guardian present." He then looked at Ruby, Nora, and Yang, "I got permission from Ozpin to take a team with me every day, but I will only take those that finish their homework first."

"I call abuse of authority! Boo!" Nora shouted.

"Come on Jauny Boy, why would you tempt us like that?" Yang gave a displeased look.

"Jaune how could you?" Ruby's eyes started to widen, she gave him her famous puppy dog pout, making Jaune almost give in, he quickly turned his head and said, "If you need help with your homework I can help you with it, just make sure that the first thing you do when you get back from classes, is finishing your work."

Yang smiled and grabbed Ruby, "How can you deny this face, Jaune? Have you no heart?" Yang picked Ruby up like a dog and held her in front of Jaune, "Don't look away."

Jaune sighed and then turned back and said, "Ruby, as a team leader, we have to lead by example, we don't want to appear less responsible when responsibility is the biggest part of being a leader of a team."

Ruby thought for a bit and sighed, she removed Yang's hands and sat down at the table before opening up her textbooks, "Ruby, what's happened to you, did he brainwash you?"

"He's right, as a team leader, I should at least make my homework my first priority, then I can slack off and have fun after," Ruby stated like a leader, Jaune could swear he saw a spotlight on her.

"No, don't fall for his tricks, look, Ruby, I have candy, come back to me!" Yang said as she pouted.

"That's not going to work, Yang, take a seat, Nora, you come here too," Jaune said pointing at their kitchen table.

"You'll never take me alive!" Nora shouted as she dashed towards the door, Jaune then whispered something in Ren's ear.

"Nora, if you don't do your homework, no Pancakes for you!" Ren said with a smile on his face.

Nora froze as she grabbed the doorknob, she slowly turned her head and said, "What?"

"You heard him, homework done, or no more pancakes," Jaune said laughing and crossing his arms like an evil villain, Pyrrha started to giggle, when she saw Jaune rounding up the team like he was running a daycare.

"Something funny?" Ren asked.

Pyrrha shook her head and said, "I was just thinking that Yang was right, Jaune will make a very lovely wife."

Everyone started laughing, Jaune gave Pyrrha a look of betrayal, "Et Tu Pyrrha, Et Tu!?"

This time Jaune got a chuckle out of Blake, she was apparently a Shakespeare fan, "Okay this will be done before you know it," Jaune said as he sat down and started working on his assignments.

With Jaune helping them it was easier for them to learn, with more than 7 years of hanging out with them, he had gotten to know them well enough to teach in a way they would understand.

"You know, this is the first time I've found learning to be so easy, Jaune your amazing," Ruby said as she closed her textbooks.

"Six older sisters, that's all I'm saying." Jaune watched Ruby finished with her homework and put her books and papers away before shouting, "Let's go!"

Jaune grinned and said, "I'll prepare something to eat, you guys go get your weapons out of the locker room, I'll meet you at the launch ramp."

"Why don't we just walk?" Pyrrha said looking a little confused.

"Because the ramp is so much funnier!" Yang shouted as she placed her arm around Pyrrha and walked out of the room.

Jaune smiled and waited for them to leave when he sighed, "Guss I should get to work to." He then started up the kitchen stove and cooked everyone fired chicken with bread crumbs mixed with the flower, he also made some green peas and salad.

After cooking up everything Jaune put the food in a container and opened up his inventory to see if he would have to see if it would store the items separately or as a package as well.

"I haven't looked at my stats since I got here, I wonder just how much training for one day achieved," Jaune opened his Menu and was immediately shocked, he pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Not only was Jaune's name on the transparent screen, but everyone in Team RWBY and Team JNPR was as well.



Name: Ruby Rose


Title: Youngest Huntress: No effect.

Class: Huntress Reaper in Training -Level:01

Overall Level: 001

Experience: 5

Experience needed until the next level: 1,450

Condition: 100%

Constitution: 8

Defense: 5



Mana: 0

Battle Power: 300


Semblance: Super Speed.

God of Light's Blessing: Silver Eyes, able to cause fear in Grimm, petrified them, blind them, or vaporize them. Can also damage Non-Grimm as well.


Name: Yang Xaio Long

Age: 17

Title: Yellow Bomber: No effect.

Class: Huntress Brawler In Training - Level:01

Overall Level: 001

Experience: 5

Experience needed until the next level: 1,450

Condition: 100%

Constitution: 14

Defense: 15


Focus: 14

Mana: 0

Battle Power: 350

Aura: 140

Semblance: Burning Spirit.


Name: Weiss Scnhee


Title: Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company: 10% off when purchasing Dust.

Class: Huntress Caster In Training - Level:01

Overall Level: 001

Experience: 5

Experience needed until the next level: 1,450

Condition: 100%

Constitution: 7

Defense: 7


Focus: 16

Mana: 1

Battle Power: 280

Aura: 120

Semblance: Spell Glyphs.

Diluted Ozma's Blessing: Power of the Glyphs gained through being the Descendant of the Winter Maiden.


Name: Blake Belladonna


Title: Wayward Fanus: No Effects.

Class: Huntress Kunoichi In Training - Level:01

Overall Level: 001

Experience: 5

Experience needed until the next level: 1,450

Condition: 100%

Constitution: 33

Defense: 18

Intelligence: 14

Focus: 14

Mana: 0

Battle Power: 80

Aura: 160

Semblance: Shadow Copy



Name: Jaune Arc

Age: 17

Title: Wargod's Knight: +15 to Battle Power.

Class: Hunter Knight In Training - Level:01

Overall Level: 001

Experience: 585

Experience needed until the next level: 1,450

Condition: 100%

Constitution: 19

Defense: 28 (+10 Armor Bonus)

Intelligence: 14

Focus: 10

Mana: 0

Battle Power: 28

Aura: 3,005

Previous Soul's Semblance: πŸ”’ Mutated Aura Amplifacation πŸ”’

Current Soul's Semblance:???

Wargod's Blessing: Training and Combat have a long term growth effect on Aura and Battle Power. Increases the effects of training by 10,000% (X10)


Name: Nora Valkyrie


Title: Bottomless Pit: Able to eat as much as she want's and never get fat.

Class: Huntress Heavy Specialist In Training - Level:01

Overall Level: 001

Experience: 5

Experience needed until the next level: 1,450

Condition: 100%

Constitution: 25

Defense: 20

Intelligence: 9

Focus: 9

Mana: 0

Battle Power: 500

Aura: 150

Semblance: Amp Up


Name:Pyrrha Nikos


Title: Goddes of Victory: +1 to Luck.

Class: Huntress Master In Training - Level:01

Overall Level: 001

Experience: 5

Experience needed until the next level: 1,450

Condition: 100%

Constitution: 15

Defense: 18 (+8 Armor Bonus)

Intelligence: 15

Focus: 15

Mana: 0

Battle Power: 500

Aura: 170

Semblance: Polarity


Name: Lei Ren


Title: Orphaned Avenger: No effect.

Class: Hunter Assasin In Training - Level:01

Overall Level: 001

Experience: 5

Experience needed until the next level: 1,450

Condition: 100%

Constitution: 10

Defense: 9

Intelligence: 15

Focus: 18

Mana: 0

Battle Power:18

Aura: 135

Semblance: Calming Feild.


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