30 World Evolution

"Neo WHAT was that!?" Ruby got up in her face and noticed Kit. Then she saw Neopolitan, she hadn't used her semblance to disguise herself and simply waved at the teams. Ren just sighed and pulled out his tea-kit.

"Riiight.. Allow me to explain. I can use magic. I summoned a magic weapon. Found out the supposed restrictions on it don't exist.. and this is Neopolitan and my fox friend Kit, who returned to me after that fight" Neo stated, matter of factly.

"Where did you get a magic weapon!?" Ruby slammed her hands on a nearby bed.

"Ancient ruins! Next!" Neo raised her head high and stated.

"How can you use magic? Is it dust?" Weiss asked, glancing over at Neopolitan and Neo.

"How? Secret. My magic and Proxy form is a secret" Neo raised her hand to stop further questions about the topics.

"Uh.. so your sister..?" Yang interjected.

"Ah yes.. She was a double agent. Truthfully we're BFFs" Neo and Neopolitan executed a series of high-fives that looked like it took a lot of practice.

"How does the lance work!? Can I see? Please!?" Ruby begged with her famous puppy eyes.

"Noooo... Tell you what though. If I get a less dangerous magic weapon, you can hold it" Neo rubbed her black and red hair.

"Ehhh.. okay! You promise?" Ruby grabbed Neo's arm and shook it, trying to get the promise out of her.

"Yeah I promise! You don't need to snap my arm off" Neo rubbed her shoulder and complained.

The P.A system then went off and the entire school heard Ozpin's voice.

"It is getting late outside and I know many of you have come to the teachers about this new and enhancing energy within you but for tonight, I need you all to stay in your rooms unless it is an emergency. I will make an announcement in the auditorium at Eleven in the morning tomorrow. A new age has come in Remnant and you future Huntsmen and Huntresses will be the shining beacons of tommorow. But for now, goodnight and make sure to attend the announcement" Ozpin finished curtly as always, but one could detect a hint of excitement in his voice.

"Great! So sleepover? Thanks, Ren" Neo asked as Ren served his team and guests tea.

"Oh.. how about Truth or Dare?" Yang mentioned with a big grin on her face.

"Oh my God, Yang.. You don't know what you just unleashed.." Blake shivered and said with dread as Neo and Neopolitan looked at Yang with smug and amused grins.

"Oh yes.. Lets" Neo pat Yang's shoulder as Neopolitan did the same.

Blake tried to escape but Neopolitan and Neo tripped her by grabbing her ankles and dragged her back into JNPR's room. Blake glared accusingly at Yang as the two cackled.

-Next day, Beacon dorm-

Neo woke up with a yawn. Though it was only half a yawn due to feeling something or more specifically, someone, on top of her. It was a purring Blake. She was curled up on top of the smaller girl and enjoying being pet by Neopolitan, who was awake and stroking her hair.

"I'm not even going to question how Blake ended up on top of me. That was a fun night.." Neo proudly whispered.

Neopolitan nodded with a smile and gestured at the room around them. Ruby had cookie crumbs and chocolate all over her mouth and was stuck to the ceiling. Weiss' upper body was hanging off her bed, hair undone and messy. Nora was still hiding in the closet, wearing Ren's clothes, which were tight on her. Ren was face down in a stack of 34 pancakes, half naked. Pyrrha had a lecherous expression as she slept, facing Neo. Yang was the worst off though. She had passed out in her cosplay of Tohru from Dragon Maid. She also had a bottle of hard liquor in her hand and had her face buried on Neo's chest.

"That's probably why I feel heavy.." Neo hummed and looked around, noticing the addition of Kit on top of Blake too.

"Everyone's accounted for, good" Neo gently sets them off her, though it did wake up Kit, who hopped up on Neo's shoulder.

Neopolitan smiled lewdly as she stood up, pointing at her and giving her a '10/10' sign.

Neo blanked and looked down at herself noticing her current outfit. She remembered busting out liquor for everyone save Ruby, who didn't want to in the first place. She herself was wearing a damp white shirt and a bikini, though the bottom was covered by short-shorts. She also had her hair up in long pigtails and sunglasses on top of her head. Neopolitan was in her pajamas, more specifically, the ones Neo usually wore to sleep.

"Booze, wet T-shirt, swimwear.. Damn I went hard for 'Spring Break'" Neo got up, about to change out but heard the P.A system go off.

"Will all students make their way down to the auditorium? The announcement will start in ten minutes" Ozpin reminded them and Neo heard students shuffle in the halls on their way to the auditorium.

"Ah.. shit. No time. Go disguise yourself and go on back to Cinder's team. I'll get them all up" Neo sighed but before she could walk over and wake anybody up, she felt a finger pull her bikini bottom strap and stretched it out before it smacked her hip sharply.

Neopolitan ran out soon after, using her semblance to change appearance. Neo pouted slightly while rubbing her hip.

"I'll get you back.. Okay! Time to get up, Drunkies" Neo filled up a bucket full of cold water, though Blake was spared since she woke up right before Neo filled it up.

The others weren't so lucky.

-Auditorium, Beacon-

Teams JNPR and RWBY showed up just in time as Ozpin stepped up to the podium and gave them a wry smile due to their current appearances. Most being damp and still in their clothes from last night.

"I know many, if not all of you received news about the incident yesterday. I am going to clarify what is happening to you all as a result of that incident. Magic has returned to Remnant. It is an energy that the Ancients once wielded and made prosperous Kingdoms that spanned the world with. The energy that you are feeling now has not been merged with Aura and Semblances before the emergence. Though I can make a very well educated guess as to what will happen. Magic was used to cast spells of all kinds. Elemental, mundane, transmutational.. It assists in a variety of ways. What effect it will have on you, depends on your aura and semblances. Let's take.. Miss XiaoLong's semblance, shall we? It has a flame-based property to it and with magic, the heat of the flame, form of the flames and manifestation of the flames are hers to mold" Ozpin rubbed his chin thoughtfully and speculated as the students started to murmur to each other.

"On top of enhancing your aura and semblances, I can guess that opening up another path for your abilities. Please do not play with your magic unless under the instruction of one of the teachers. The penalty for doing so is suspension and possible expulsion. Magic is a great power and must be handled with great caution" Ozpin planted his cane on the floor in front of him.

"Ah yes. From now on, I will be implementing a magic course into the combat and Dust studies class. Everyone is dismissed. And Miss Jasmine, please join me in my office" Ozpin walked off stage as Yang and Nora looked at Neo.

"Ooooh you're in trouble!"/"Ooooh you're in trouble!" Both of them said as they twirled her pigtails around.

"You wish.. Now go back to the dorm. I'll teach you what I know about molding magic when I get back. Oh, Blake? Take that pill" Neo advised Blake at the end.

"Are you sure? You said it might be dangerous" Blake seemed unsure and scratched her head.

"Yeah. The normal issue I had with it was that nature energy was corrupted here but that's not the case. On top of that, the world is filled with magic and Divine energy so it's fine now" Neo pat her shoulder and walked off to Ozpin's office.

"What was that about?" Yang asked and saw Blake quickly pop out a pill before swallowing it.

"Wait, what was that!?" Yang shook her head and asked while grabbing Blake's shoulders.

Blake's face was blank and before Yang could storm off to get Neo, she saw Blake grow a cat tail that turned into two at the lower end. Her cat ears were more prominent and her amber eyes became more cat-like.

"Blaaaake..? What happened..?" Yang and the others looked at the transformation with awe.

"I.. what? What are you looking at me like that for?" Blake raised her brow before Ruby took a picture and showed it to her.

"That.. I can't conceal this" Blake sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

-Ozpin's office-

Neo strolled in, still in the same outfit despite the probable seriousness of the talk. As soon as she did, Ozpin and Qrow looked at her with confusion.

"Did you all go to the beach or something..?" Qrow set his flask down.

"No, just a truth or dare sleepover" Neo took a seat as Qrow groaned.

"I remember having those.. terrible.." He held his face in his palm and just kept drinking.

"Oh right, Raven said they got you in a dress for the whole day" Neo leaned back and pictured Qrow in a dress with a half smirk.

"I'll have you know I rocked that dress" Qrow lazily pointed at her.

They were interrupted by a cough from Ozpin.

"As nice as this conversation is.. I have a request of you, Miss Jasmine" Ozpin spoke in a more grave tone.

"Ask away then" Neo sat up, though still relaxed.

"It is time. I asked you when you arrived with Raven, to become the next Spring Maiden. I need you to step into that role now. The magic in the air will certainly strengthen Salem and her forces as well. Grimm are an unknown to me so far. They are still a threat we must deal with though" Ozpin looked Neo in the eyes seriously as his grip on his cane tightened.

"I'll do it. I already agreed earlier anyway" Neo shrugged and got up.

"Good, please follow us to where we have Amber stored then" Ozpin enters the elevator with Neo and Qrow.

"So.. where is Raven right now anyway?" Qrow asked after an awkward ten seconds of silence.

"Oh she's managing the Branwen mercs and training the Nurse, Shizuka. She's gonna join us but Raven had an issue with her lack of fighting skills" Neo saw Qrow get a look at that.

"The nurse with the.. uh.." Qrow scratched his head awkwardly as Ozpin gave him a lidded glare.

"Huge badonkers? Packin' some dobonhonkeros? Massive dohoonkabhankoloos? Some big old tonhongerekoogers? No.. bonkhonagahoogs!? Wait I got it.. hungolomghnonoloughongous?" Neo rubbed her chin 'wisely' as Qrow spat up his drink laughing.

"I don't even know what you fully said but it was amazing.." Qrow wheezed and Ozpin just stared at the mess Qrow made in the elevator.

"Qrow please keep from drinking in the elevator with Miss Jasmine anymore" Ozppin sighed and stepped out with Neo and a now embarrassed Qrow.

They all walked to a life support system with two large glass containers. One holding Amber, the other one being empty.

"Unfortunately Amber has suffered too much damage to recover and could die any day now. We'll be transferring the power left in her to you before she dies and her attacker gets the power" Ozpin put his hand on Neo's shoulder.

"Her soul's too injured, is that it?" Neo asked while looking Amber over, seeing cracks in her skin.

"Yes. That, on top of her physical condition's deterioration. If you will, please get inside the container and we will transfer the Maiden's power over to you" Ozpin tiredly sighed and opened the second container.

Neo looked at Amber, issuing a sympathetic apology to her in her mind before stepping inside to receive half of the Maiden's powers.

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