40 Vytal Festival III

[Ding! Converted major character to your religion! Charm boost +1!]

Neo was getting ready to go to sleep in RWBY's room since she had heard a few things from JNPR's room. She didn't want to intrude on their first time and neither did Pyrrha so they both asked their sister team if they could sleep there for the night. They happily agreed and it became some kind of sleepover situation where they played fighting games, table top role playing games, cards and watched a few shows on Neo's scroll.

They really enjoyed the 'My Bride is a Mermaid' show. Ruby needed a more positive experience with anime since Neo had subjected her to some sad ones. Luckily, this one made her laugh a lot. Once night came around, they got ready for bed. Neo was going to share a bed with an enthusiastic Blake. Pyrrha wanted to join them but she lost the rock-paper-scissors match.

She was about to climb into bed when she got that notification.

"Wait what..? Religion? I don't even.." She muttered as Blake finally pulled her into her bed.

"What are you muttering about?" Blake sighs in content and wraps her twinned cat tail around Neo's leg.

"System says I converted a major character to my religion. What that means? I've no idea" Neo shrugs.

"Interesting.. you also became more attractive too. I like your scent more.. Like a faint smell of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.." Blake inhaled softly with a smile.

"OG probably smells like that too. So, Blake.. what do you plan to do after the big battle?" Neo asked as Blake traced her finger along the pink side of her hair.

"I want to see if Adam can be saved.. He didn't always resort to violent and extreme means. He was just so.. hurt. He hated what bigoted people were doing to the faunus but.. I think his hatred of the SDC abusers he was branded by has overcome his desire to actually help the faunus improve their standing and be accepted as regular people. What do you think? About Adam.. the faunus and the White Fang?" Blake asked with an expectant tone.

"Well.. I can't exactly fault Adam for being pissed off at the SDC. But he's correlated the SDC abusers to all humans. That itself, is prejudice. So easy to justify too since it was a human who hurt him. The faunus are in a precarious spot right now. Honestly, it's shitty what's been done to them. When all you are, are humans with some animal aspects. Though I'm not surprised some humans are that dumb. My past world had racial issues against humans of different colored skin and cultures. The White Fang.. tricky to say, really. What's more effective? A peaceful protest that people may ignore or a violent revolution that people can't ignore but they'll fear you. Effort has to be made on both sides to find a solution. But one person can really often make a difference in a movement like that" Neo felt Blake's hug tighten a little.

"You mean a person like you?" She asked, quieter now.

"Me? No. I do support equal rights and anti-discrimination against humans and faunus, I was thinking that kind of figure would be you, Blake" Neo felt Blake's body shift behind her in what felt like shock.

"M..Me? Why me? I want to see the White Fang return to its peaceful roots but.." She trailed off and Neo could tell she was feeling nervous, scared even.

"Well let's see.. You're the daughter of the first White Fang leader. You're a huntress in training, trying to help both human and faunus. You're a Nekoshou, which means you're the most faunusy faunus in the world, given your ears, tail and beautiful cat eyes. On top of that, you'll defeat the man consumed by his hatred that was leading the White Fang down a dark and violent path. Oh! And you're going to save the world with us" Neo hummed after listing everything off.

"Thank you, Neo.. You have a lot of faith in me" Blake moved on top of her, smiling down at her with a touched expression.

"I believe in you. I know you can bridge the gap. Won't be easy but you'll do it. Plus, you have your team and my team. Of course, I'll help whenever you ask for it too" Neo returned a flashy smile, earning herself a kiss from Blake, who dove in and wrapped her arms around her neck.

"MMmmf!" Neo returned it, Blake only separating after a few seconds.

"So.. I guess you sorted out your Adam feelings?" Neo raised her brow, watching Blake lick her lips.

"I know he was using me at first to prop himself up as some kind of White Fang authority. A naive, younger Blake didn't really care because she was in love. But love is a two way street. I guess I was just a girl with a one sided crush. Now though.. it's different. I do need some more time to mentally prepare myself for other things.." Blake blushed at the end, looking at Neo's exposed cleavage in her one piece under-clothing she usually wore.

"You mean like what you write in your sexy notebook? Ah I liked the ideas.. Like number fourty five 'Surprise Neo in a naked apron'. Others are pretty kinky too.. Lot of them involve tying me up. If I didn't know any better you want me to be your.." Neo leaned into Blake's ear and whispered.

"O-KAY let's go to sleep.. can't fight tomorrow if we're distracted" Blake dives down on Neo's chest, resting her head there.

"Hahaha.. alright, goodnight Blakey" Neo rubbed her kitty ears and went to bed shortly after.

-The next day, Vytal Arena-

Both teams sat together in the stands. Team SSSN was nearby as well. Neptune had tried to further his relationship with Weiss and graduate from just being 'Dance Partners' to something else. He wasn't having much luck. She seemed to lose interest in whatever he was saying. Too focused on the fight happening right now and the fight ahead. The big one.

Sun tried to flirt with Blake but he wasn't getting anywhere either. That, and Neo kept giving him the stink eye. Blake hadn't even noticed he was trying either. She was focused on the fact that Neo was seated on her lap. Nothing new but she divided her attention on Neo's bubbly butt and the match between half of team CFVY and half of team CMEN. Which wasn't going well for CFVY.

Emerald had improved her illusions, clearly. The target, Coco saw whatever Emerald wanted her to see. She made it subtle, as to not oust herself later for Cinder's plan. Mercury of course had improved too. His legs were faster, stronger and more difficult to avoid as he kept landing hits. It reminded Neo of Derriere from Seven Deadly Sins. Like as long as he continued to score hits, his attack power increased.

Knowing how the match would end, Neo looked over to where Cinder was seated. She was staring down at the fight with a focused and intense gaze. She figured Cinder was evaluating team CFVY. Yatsuhashi had been creating shockwaves with every swing of his greatsword. But he wasn't hitting Mercury due to the assassin being too fast. Same thing with Coco despite her elemental minigun that turned into a flamethrower and arc welder at the same time. The match was closer than it had been in canon though.

Neo found it weird that Cinder's gaze just followed Emerald despite the match being done. She wasn't seated far away. Just two rows behind them. As soon as they returned, Cinder nodded to them and stopped just Emerald from sitting down. She listened in as she drank her mega sized bottle of cherry cola.

"Good job you two. Mercury, can you get us refreshments?" Cinder asked the boy.

"Uh.. sure? What do you want?" He sighed and shook his head.

"Oh get me a lime slushie, Merc" Emerald requested.

"Get me popcorn" Cinder requested impatiently.

"Ah.. fine.. I'll be a few minutes" Merc complained as he walked out again.

Emerald was about to sit down but Cinder dropped her scroll on the ground. Right next to Emerald.

"Oh! I dropped my scroll. Pick it up for me, Emerald" Cinder casually ordered.

"Oh, sure!" Emerald bent down to pick it up and that's when Neo saw it.

Cinder bit her lip and checked out Emerald's booty right there. It was obvious from her expression that's exactly what she wanted to happen. Neo spat up her drink, hitting Jaune in front of her in the process as she cackled.

"Augh! Neo.. come on! It's on my favorite shirt!" Jaune sulked, seeing Neo laughing really hard.

"Uh.. Neo? What is it?" Blake asked as the teams looked over to her.

"I saw something too damn funny.." Neo looked back and shot a picture of Cinder's face she was making checking Emerald out in the chatroom.

[>Neo²: (Cinder's face picture) LOOK at this thirsty ass face!<]

[>Icreamwaifu: That's my screensaver now xD<]

[>Prettykitty: Oh that's why..<]

Cinder didn't notice the reaction and grabbed a drink from the person seated next to her. She immediately poured it on Emerald's and Mercury's seats before putting it back like nothing happened.

"Here you go Mis-Uh Cinder" Emerald returned her scroll with an eager to please face.

"Thank you, Emerald. Oh, right.. I forgot but some idiot spilt their drinks in both of your seats" Cinder falsely sighed in annoyance.

"Oh.. I guess I'll just stand then" Emerald sighed.

"NO.. no. That's unnecessary. Just sit on my lap. It's no big deal" Cinder casually offered.

"Oh no.. I could never-" Emerald was interrupted by Cinder grabbing her arms.

"I.. insist, really" She 'smiled' at Emerald, who just nodded dumbly and sat on Cinder's legs, which were bare due to her dress.

Neo saw her reach Nirvana at that moment. She looked truly enlightened. It made her spit up her drink on Jaune again before taking another chatroom screenshot. She hid her laughter in her hands as Jaune complained.

"Again!? Oh come on.." Jaune grumbled.

The rest of the matches for that day passed until Penny and her handler won their match. Ruby went to meet with her Android friend while Yang and Weiss stepped up to fight Neon and Flynn. Needless to say, despite their improved power, Yang and Weiss wiped the floor with them while still keeping their full abilities hidden. Their attempts to provoke reactions from Yang were met with failure. Weiss did feel some guilt but she wasn't responsible for Flynn's Dad's misfortune.

That was how the second day ended. Team FNKY congratulated Yang and Weiss while Neo got up and was gestured by Cinder to come along with her.

Meeting Cinder in the hallway, she noticed Emerald and Mercury behind her. They were trying to intimidate her.

"Neo, you haven't been totally honest with us, have you? Now that I think about it.. You still haven't given me updates on those targets. What's going on?" Cinder demanded an answer.

Neo shrugged before sighing.

"Ciiiindy you still wanna do this? The end of the world may be tomorrow you know? I admit, I was messing with you when I told you those targets. I just didn't expect you to be so.. innocent? I mean 'Dixie Normous'? 'Mike Hunt'? You really need to work on social skills" Neo sighed and the three of them gaped in shock.

"You can talk..? Wait.. whose side are you on? How do you know this!?" Cinder demanded, grabbing her collar and raising her up.

"I'm on my side. I won't make a move until the final day though, so relax. I empathize with you, really I do. But if you choose to plunge Vale into a hellscape.. Well I'll have to kill you. Even IF you just learned what attraction is. I saw how you looked at Emerald. You think THAT was good? Just wait till you try sex" Neo laughed seeing her face take a deep tinge of red.

"Y.. Mistress likes me..?" Emerald happily asked.

"She's attracted to you. Up to you for it to go anywhere.. Anyway! I'll see you tomorrow. Choose wisely" Neo warned before shattering like glass and disappearing.

"What.. do we do now then?" Mercury asked.

"I don't know anymore.." Cinder's back slid against the wall.

"I'll be with you every step of the way, Cinder.." Emerald assured, earning a rare genuine smile from Cinder.

"I.. appreciate that, Emerald.."

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