33 Twincest? Wincest [R-18]

Later that night, after eating around the fire, everyone went inside the lodge. Yang and Ruby shared a room, Qrow and Shizuka shared a room, Weiss and Pyrrha shared a room, Nora and Ren shared a room, Blake and Raven took the couches in the front. Jaune had wanted to get Neopolitan into his court. Which apparently was a building he built that really drove home he was a cultivator. Neo had quickly intervened with the fact that since they were 'twins' they usually slept in the same room. Reluctantly, he could only give up on 'bedding a jade beauty' so easily.

At the moment, Neo finished her shower and walked back into their room, seeing Neopolitan in her succubus form, licking her lips as she sat on the bed.

"Okay hold up for a hot minute here.. I need to clarify some things to you first" Neo sat next to her, in her towel.

Neopolitan raised her brow and nodded, issuing her to continue.

"First of all, I'm not just doing this for the quest. That's just a hilarious bonus of getting intimate with you. Second.. I think I should make this known again. I have your memories, all of them, Trivia" Neo put her hand on hers and looked at Neopolitan's even expression.

"Though you knew that during the weeks we spent together. I know that you left that name and your family behind when they died and plotted against you. Honestly, your family issues are something I relate to very much. I know it may not matter much now at this point but I wanted to let you know you don't have to hide anything from-" Neopolitan put her finger on her lips and pushed Neo's back on her bed before leaning down to her ear.

"I love you too" She said with a very quiet whisper before mounting her with an increasingly lewd grin.

Seeing Neo blank at her words, she decided that was the opportune moment to attack. She quickly grabbed her breasts and pushed them together before enveloping both of Neo's nipples in her mouth, starting to suck them heavily. Neo immediately reacted with a sharp inhale as Neopolitan wasted no time in getting straight into it. She took charge and watched in lewd fascination at the expression Neo made when she brought their identical pussies into each other.

"Guess.. this.. hah.. means you wanted to be on top first?" Neo watched as Neopolitan raised her leg up and start to ride down on top of her, creating a scissoring motion as she held onto Neo's leg and left kiss marks trailing up her calf.

Neo gripped the sheets as Neopolitan picked up the pace and started to pant erotically. Her clit was rubbing up and down hers, making a connection between them from their wetness. Once Neo saw her face haze over in lust, she decided to strike. She hooked her lifted up leg around her and brought Neopolitan down onto her, where she flipped her over and started to french kiss her heavily. Her fingers starting to explore Neopolitan's pussy enthusiastically during their tongue's sojourns into the other's mouth.

At the same time she felt around inside Neopolitan's pussy, her soft thigh was rubbing up and down her labia. She now both heard and felt Neopolitan's muffled moans into her mouth, only fully heard once their lips were separated for brief moments to breathe. Neopolitan was getting wetter by the second and the same could be said for Neo, who was turned on beyond belief at her other's reactions.

"I absolutely love those sounds you make" Neo took a deep breath and kissed down her jaw and neck before pushing Neopolitan's legs back and mounting her hips with the same grin Neopolitan had earler.

"So.. mating press?" Neo bent down closer and saw Neopolitan's confused and aroused expression before performing a 'Yuri Mating Press'.

She started to rhythmically move her hips down on Neopolitan while her arms wrapped around her head and neck. The bouncing and tribbing increased in pressure and speed, both trying their best not to moan and wake up everyone else. So they both decided to suck the other's neck. Eventually, Neopolitan couldn't take it any longer. Her toes curled in, her legs locked around Neo's hips and she came. Hard. Seeing Neopolitan like this, plus her already vigorous tribbing sent Neo right over the edge and she too came right as Neopolitan finished.

Both were panting in the other's embrace when they heard the system notification sound out.

[Ding! Successfully cucked Reincarnator Jaune! ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°]

"Did.. the system just use.." Neo was baffled and started to blink in confusion as Neopolitan giggled.

[Added objective! Separate the soul of the reincarnator from Jaune's body and free him!

Reward: Yamato!]

"Oh good.. he's not just dead then. Yamato? DMC? I'm feeling awfully motivated right now.." Neo grinned at her own reference.

But then she was flipped back down on her back by Neopolitan, who looked rather 'thirsty' still.

"Several more rounds?" Neo 'asked' while she returned the look.

The response she got was Neopolitan diving between her thighs.

-Vale-Vacuo beach, next morning-

The teams had just woken up and went back out to the beach when they saw Jaune storm up to them with a wronged expression on his face. He was also wearing a green hat on his head for reasons nobody could understand. Blake, for a moment just stared as he stomped up to her.

"Can I help you..?" Blake just tilted her head.

"I must see Neopolitan, it's urgent. Which of these men did it..? The old man or the eunuch?" He looked at Qrow and Ren, whose faces soured when they heard him insult them.

"What are you.. Ahh.. that's why I heard bed springs.." Blake said absently with growing red on her face.

"Which one of you courts death!?" Jaune pointed at the men, who just looked at each other.

"What's with all the noise?" Neo walks out with Neopolitan.

What got their attention was the fact that Neo had her arm hugged by a very satisfied looking Neopolitan. She was also wearing sunglasses and had a lolipop in her mouth because she wanted to replicate the look of 'smoking after sex' but hated cigarettes.

"What.. you!?" Jaune pointed at them both as Neopolitan giggled.

"Yes... I?" Neo pointed at herself.

"Che! It doesn't count. I guarantee you I could satisfy her far better with my little brother" Jaune arrogantly tilted his head up.

"Hm? You had a brother? I was under the impression you only had sisters? Ah, you were talking about your dick. Well I'm sorry to say that girls have the sexual stamina to go for houuuuuurs.. I literally haven't slept" Neo shrugged as Blake spat out her drink.

Ruby was whisked away by Yang and Weiss while Nora covered Ren's ears and eyes and dragged him into the water. Raven watched with a growing interest as Qrow shook his head and watched the unfolding drama.

"You.. bitch! How dare!?" He stamped up to Neo, who just pushes her sunglasses down and gives him a 'try it' look.

"Fight me, right here" Jaune takes off his shirt and his aura flares to life.

"Sure but let's put something on the line, shall we?" Neo flicked her sunglasses off.

"Yes. When I win, I will take these Jade beauties for myself, even you. And show you the skill of my nighttime activities" Jaune sneered.

"Okay! When I win though, you have to get your cultivator ass.. Young Master of the Peng clan ass.. 'You're courting death!' ass.. Chinese idiom ass.. get outta here, boy" Neo flipped him off at the end for extra points.

"What!? How do you-!?" He cut himself off and started to feel uneasy.

"Do you accept or should OG and I try to give you a drunken vasectomy with a chainsaw?" Neo looked at him threateningly.

Qrow, Jaune, Ren and even Ozpin back in Beacon flinched at that. Every single male creature, regardless of species within a ten mile radius felt a chill go down their spines.

"You're evil.." Qrow muttered, legs closed tight.

Neopolitan's eyes shone with sadistic glee as she hugged Neo's arm tighter. Ren just hunched over, feeling a phantom pain. Jaune shook off his great unease and took his stance.

"Very well.. I will leave this body if I lose" Jaune flared his white aura and coated his fists in draconic aura constructs.

To his credit, he did seem to actually train, unlike the original Jaune. Neo noticed he didn't use any mechashift weapon, which she thought was a shame. Mechashift weapons were one of the reasons she got into RWBY to begin with. She stepped forward and took out Playboy Plunder, setting it to its halberd form while everyone else backed away.

"Any power you have, you can use. The winner is the one with aura left. Meaning you lose if your aura breaks. Got that?" Neo tapped her weapon in the sand, watching Jaune power up.

~Is that all he has? Man is ripping off Iron Fist..~ Neo sighed and took out a coin, flipping it high in the air.

As both watched the coin fall, the peanut gallery watched with a growing interest. As soon as it hit the ground, Jaune hit Neo with a lightning fast jab. Though Neo had coated her body in lightning and used her palm to take the hit. She slid back, kicking up a sand cloud that obscured Jaune's vision.

Then he saw a flash of blue and he was hit in the chest by an incredibly fast bolt of lightning he wasn't fast enough to dodge. It blew him back until he managed to plant his feet on the sand. His aura held up just fine and only took a small hit but he grew warier of her.

He was looking in the wrong direction though. As he slid across the sand, he hadn't noticed Neo move behind him with the enhancement of lightning. He didn't see the fire dust shotgun blast to his back coming and stumbles forward before regaining his footing and sweeping his leg under Neo's making her fall and giving him an opening. A false one. He tries to palm strike her right in the back, it connects for but a moment before her appearance shatters like glass and she uppercuts him with the head of Playboy Plunder's halberd head, rattling his brain and making him bite his tongue.

Teams _NPR, RWBY and Neopolitan watched in awe as Neo recreated a combo from Naruto. Neo used her speed to further kick him up. Jaune tried to adjust his body and hit Neo but she was no longer there. He heard a sharp shriek of lightning and turned his neck around, only to see Neo had changed her weapon to scythe form and imbued it with a lighning dust crystal and had supercharged it, creating a mock 'Witch Hunter' scythe blade. It crashed down on him with a mini shockwave that shot up sand everywhere.

Neo landed quickly but didn't expect him to be fine after that. He quickly made impact with Neo's stomach with his Dragon fist, knocking the wind out of her and making her aura flicker as she flew back. She saw him run after her and though his aura took a hit, he still had half left after that last hit. She couldn't take much more of those hits, so she planted the scythe blade in the sand and flicked it in his face. She ducked a blind swing he took while running, swept the scythe blade under his feet and tripped him before shooting his face with the shotgun and flipping back to avoid a flare of white aura from Jaune.

Jaune seemed pissed now. White aura dragons were circling his body as he reared his fists back and exhaled white flames, focusing on Neo. Neo was watching him rear up for a finishing attack. He was putting most of his aura into this and it was likely hard to avoid. She changed her form as a long white coat covered her body and her own hair turned white. She gathered the lightning mana in her hand and prepared for him.

"Come at me, you cuck" Neo provocatively gestured at him with her other hand that was holding her weapon.

Jaune furrowed his brows and jumped at her, launching a giant Eastern Dragon head from his fist at her. It was made from his aura but the pressure it brought was overbearing. It kicked up the sand violently around them and once again obscured their vision.

"""NEO!""" _NPR and RWBY yelled, thinking Neo was seriously injured.

As Jaune landed, panting, he felt triumphant. He knew that had to have hit. It was more than enough to break her aura. He heard a buzzing sound but didn't see until it was too late. Neo wasn't in the crater of sand he made and all around him were electrosphere mines that flew into him, breaking his aura in a thunderclap.

Neo was on the opposite side of the crater, wiping the sheen of sweat from her head.

"Dramatic Finish!" Neo gave the peace sign at the crowd.


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