28 Panic at the Mt Glenn!

The sleeping had only lasted a few hours before Ruby chased a wandering Zwei. Neo was woken up by a soft bark before smiling and putting Blake's head on her pillow while trying to sneak after Ruby. Though the weird feeling of her leg being asleep hit her and made her expression sour.

~Must.. limp.. after.. child!~ Neo chanted in her mind and encountered Ruby peeking around the corner at two talking White Fang grunts.

She saw Ruby drastically sneaking behind them like she was trying to be solid snake. Neo just used her semblance to look like a piece of debris and followed them.

~Kinda feels like I'm using that Dark Souls item to look like inanimate objects..~ Neo hummed and followed behind Ruby and the White Fang.

Ruby then whispered to Zwei and he actually answered back with a bark as Neo praised him in her head. Sneaking around Ruby as she pulled out her scroll and failed to message her teams. She walked into the hideout and turned back.

"Hey! Who are-Oh it's just you.. Boss is inside" One of the grunts shrugged as Neo made a peace sign and walked in, stopping right where a hole opened up and Ruby fell in.

"Okay.. who's that!?" The two walked over as Neo picked the unarmed Ruby up like a sack of potatoes over her shoulder.

"I.. see you got it covered then?" He just shrugs and Neo starts carrying a confused and alarmed Ruby inside.

"N..Neo? What are you..? Are you working with-" Ruby got louder and more accusatory so Neo smacked her butt, hard.

"OW! Neo!?" Ruby squirmed and started to complain.

"Okay shut up.. Here, use my scroll and message the others. I have two friends here acting as double agents. Get our teams inside and we'll start the capture of the White Fang and stop the train.. hopefully before any trigger-happy White Fang launch it early?" Neo slipped Ruby her scroll as she carried her through the underground failed expansion.

"Oh.. Oh! Wow you really thought this through.. almost like you.. planned our mission.." Ruby seemed suspicious.

"I sure did! Sent a picture of the grunts nearby to Ozzy Ozborne under a clever alias, knowing he'd send us. He does wanna see if I can handle something as easy as this before we really get into the meaty stuff" Neo avoided more grunts as Ruby messaged their teams and slipped back her scroll to her.

"Why does he wanna see if you can handle it? We're on teams, right?" Ruby asked with audible confusion.

"After this, I'll let you know. Some of it anyway.. Don't want you getting distracted, right?" Neo brought her onto a staging area where she saw Roman on the train, loading equipment.

"Guyliner! Out here, I brought a nice guest" Neo shouted out, hearing a groan.

"Finally you come.. Oh, hi Red. Come on in..?" Roman gestures them inside and Neo drags Ruby aboard, much to her eternal shock.

To the White Fang grunts' surprise, they pull Ruby on board. After a few seconds though, they think they'll torture her or tie her to the bomb and continue to work.

"Torchwick!" Ruby pointed at him as she was set down in an empty train car.

In response, Roman takes a dramatic bow and tips his hat.

"You're lucky that's not a fedora.. I'd never let you hear the end of it" Neo sat on a crate and laughed slightly.

"What? No. If I'm anything, it's fashionable, smooth, drop dead gorgeous and charming" Roman gestured at himself and Ruby just looked at the two of them repeatedly in confusion before she realized.

"HE'S the double a-" Neo quickly covered her mouth and heard a muffled apology from Ruby.

"Yes.. He's not the true bad guy. They'll be revealed later. He's gonna help us screw over the bad guys so.. we can't totally 'stop' it. So we'll go through with it, only to completely Uno-Reverse card that shit and kill the horde of Grimm as soon as we see them. Sound good?" Neo ruffled Ruby's hair.

Ruby opened her mouth to speak but there was too much she wanted to say. The first thing to come out of her mouth was a strangled, confused noise.

"Bwaaah...? Why not stop them before they do any damage..?" Ruby asked out of concern.

"Because the bad guys expect their plan to go off this way. This is their last significant move before they make their big play, though I'm ready for that" Neo kicked her feet playfully as Ruby thinks to herself.

Suddenly a door opens and Neopolitan runs up to Neo and embraces her on her lap.

"Hey again, OG" Neo hugged her back as Neopolitan leans back and catches a glimpse of a shocked Ruby.

"You have a TWIN!?" Ruby seemed to be excited at that and immediately looked at the two girls hugging.

Neopolitan makes a lewd expression and shakes her head, licking her lips slowly afterwards as Ruby and Roman get awkward expressions.

"Oh god damn it, no.." Roman loudly sighs and looks away.

"Uh..?" Ruby slowly raised her hand.

"Oh she's basically saying 'Sisters? No but that would be kinda hot. Like forbidden love'" Neo translates as Neopolitan nods her head and plants a kiss on Neo's lips, which is returned by Neo.

"I..-Wh.." That seemed to break Ruby though.

"We're not sisters. We just have the same body, kinda. The same.. sexy and beautiful body" Neo hummed after as Neopolitan licked her lips with a blush.

"Afterwards.. I'll get Roman into Beacon and you'll stay in team... CEMN? Is your team named Semen..? Or Cement?" Neo wondered aloud.

Neopolitan gave her a withering glare and rolled her eyes. She thought for a second and hit her palm with her fist before giving Neo a series of different looks and gestures as Neo watched and remained quiet before laughing.

"Oh.. we absolutely should! It'd be a fun way to confuse my team and team RWBY.." Neo chuckled with Neopolitan, making Roman rub the bridge of his nose.

"What? What are you gonna do?" Ruby asked.

"Pretend erotic fight when the train goes off. Good idea or bad?" They both looked as Ruby's eyes died a little.

"What the hell is an 'erotic fight'..?" Ruby asked, emotionally drained.

"Aim our weapons at our clothing and grapple a lot" Neo said, matter-of-factly.

"No.. NO. Please take this seriously!" Ruby yelled and pointed at them both.

"Relax.. I was half joking! Though she wasn't.. I like these clothes" Neo popped her collar proudly.

Neopolitan gave her a smirk and a wink, making Neo nod her head slowly in understanding.

"You need a bonk, OG. You can't let the horny control your thoughts" Neo pat her head.

"What'd she 'say' now?" Ruby was mimicking Roman now and Roman pat her shoulder, realizing he found a comrade.

"Oh she said she liked seeing me out of them even more" Neo couldn't help but say in an agreeing tone.

"Please get here soon, teams.." Ruby whined.

Then they heard explosions and the screams of White Fang. Ruby and Roman both got up, on the verge of hugging the other. They saw team _WBY and _NPR running towards them while the grunts fled from the carnage the two teams, Oobleck and Zwei wrought. Zwei was even dragging a grunt into a dark alley by biting his crotch.

"Ruby your dog is amazing and I love him.." It brought a tear to Neo's eye.

"Great! Okay Red let's pretend to fight in the front Train car annnd.. the girls here will deal with the rest?" Roman quickly zipped ahead.

"You know I'm starting to think he doesn't like our flirting, OG" Neo commented idly as Ruby followed behind Roman.

Neopolitan shrugged and pulled out a button, waving it around at Neo.

"You sabotaged the mechs, didn't you?" Neo asked with a mischievous smile, getting one right back at her by Neopolitan.

She pressed the button and watched as the incoming Paladins crash into each other in a sixty-nine position. They tripped and had been powered off as they attacked the teams, ending up in a hilarious position.

The train then started and Doctor Oobleck, along with teams _WBY and _NPR and ran after it along with a happy Zwei. Quickly managing to board it, they encounter more of the White Fang grunts on top of the train and inside it. Doctor Oobleck, Weiss, Pyrrha and Ren on top, discover the bomb as Yang, Nora and Blake enter the interior.

Blake, Yang and Nora first discover Neo facing Neopolitan. Both were looking right at each other with a look of amusement.

"Neo!? Wait.. why are there.." Yang stopped and Nora's eyes widened.

"It's okay guys, just go. This is my evil twin sister who was separated at birth from me in a terrible ice cream accident! Now she's back for revenge.." Neo dramatically exclaimed.

"Uh.. what?" Yang looked confused but Nora nodded in understanding.

"Just.. deal with the bombs! I'll deal with her okay?" Neo just sighed and made a shooing gesture.

"She's right.. besides the weird story. Let's go" Blake came in for the rescue and ran ahead, followed by a confused Yang and solemn Nora.

Neo and Neopolitan looked at each other. Neopolitan gave her a strange look.

"What? Don't mock me. I'm not an author. Besides that.. Should we fight?" Neo asked with a hum as Neopolitan gave her a cocky grin.

"Bet? Sure.. what are we betting?" Neo asked with interest.

Neopolitan made a series of lewd, embarrassing and very animated gestures to Neo, whose eyes widened with each passing second.

"So.. it's a fight to see who's top or bottom eh? You wanna do WHAT? Hohoho!! Okay, I won't hold back.." Neo smirked and took a stance as Neopolitan does the same.

"So.. how we gonna do this? You gonna come at me? Should I come at you? Should we come together? Oooh.. at the same time?" Neo didn't get to finish her reference because the more she talked about it, the more eager Neopolitan was to 'come'.

They both engaged in a very heated sparring match that shook the entire train cart, sending minor shockwaves along the other carts.

-Front train car-

"Oh my fu- What the hell are they doing..?" Roman asked as he slid his hand down his face.

"I have no idea.. hey, isn't the tunnel coming to an end...?" Ruby pointed out, worried.

"Don't worry about it. We reinforced the train and disarmed the bombs before you even arrived. Thanks to our friend the Troll. You'll 'capture' me and take me to Ozpin while Neopolitan escapes using her semblance. Neo, using her importance to Ozpin will vouch for me and show him proof I'm a double agent. I'll probably be stuck in Beacon for a hot minute but it's better than my old boss" Roman nodded and they heard more shaking and fighting in the other cars.

"Oh, right. Keep me being a double agent a secret. Better to let my old boss think I got captured as planned. Now.. prepare for impact and grab something" Roman grabbed onto a railing as Weiss, Blake and Nora stormed in the car.

"Weiss! Ice shield, now!" Ruby got close to her friends and Weiss quickly complied, right as they crashed into the tunnel exit.

-Omake! Neo's Q&A!-

Author: "Hey all commenters and non-commenters! Thanks for reading! Time for some Q&A. I brought Neo over to our nice interr-questioning room! Say hi, Neo"

Neo: "Wow.. people read this? Flattering!"

Author: "It does make me happy ngl. Here, I brought you some comment questions to answer for the first omake"

Neo: "Okay.. lemme see here.. *Flips through comment cards and hums* Uncrowned King asks about.. most attractive features on a woman? Okay personality DOES make affect your attractiveness but I'll play. I'll go with.. head. Like hair, face, eyes, lips and ears. That counts as one thing, right? My favorite anime? Tough.. AHH... that's tough! I'll say my favorite anime plot-wise is.. proooooobablyyyyyy... Code Geass. That made me cry. Comedy-wise? My Bride's a Mermaid. Made me cry for another reason. Funny as hell! Now the RWBY anime? Ahhh...? I hope it's good! I noticed the fight scenes after volume.. three? They sucked more. Jesus.. in volume eight they're so.. slow? It's a shame, really. Author shares these sentiments too I think"

Author: "Yeah but I'll probably still watch it. My favorite anime is Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood"

Neo: "Now lesse.. Oh.. jesus. That'll be the last one. I'll address Nirael's combat complaint first. So! I got Neo's body, muscle memory and like all her memories. RAVEN.. is like a stronger Qrow with MAGIC! I was sneak attacked too. I had the edge in raw power but her overall combat experience and skill? Bruh don't even start with me. I tried my best. It all worked out in the end though. You'll see my training come in handy later"

Author: "Raven's in the top ten strongest characters.. So far? She's third. She whooped Maiden Cinder's ass. They just stretched the fight so the viewers could enjoy it more"

Neo: "As for YOU.. the person sending character ideas.. WHY? Why do you want me to fight a fucking SAIYAN? Author said EDGY not OP! As for that one.. really sad abused character? That just made me sad. Could be interesting though. Write about it. Just don't lewd the loli.. Ah and the SONIC OC made the author laugh like an insane person at work so.. keep it up?"

Author: "Really did.. Well that wraps up the first omake! We'll do more if we get more questions! Thanks for reading!"

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