32 Jaune 'Courting Death' Arc

Neo just looked at the bonus objective with a head tilt. Blake, Pyrrha, Raven, Neopolitan and Shizuka looked at her in confusion. As it turns out, Blake barely remembered Jaune Arc. He had so little impact on her life. That, and during the test Neo gave him, her mind was elsewhere. Particularly on Neo's clothes and the possibility of dressing her up even more. She may also have been looking at her butt, but she wouldn't admit that part.

Their looks asked one question. 'Who the fuck is Jaune Arc?' which made Neo laugh when Pyrrha gave her that look.

"It's fine. Just do what you were normally gonna do" Neo told them and started to walk the beach, seeing Blake set up a parisol and pull out her new favorite book.

Neo looked around at everyone, seeing Yang and Ruby immediately start to play in the shallow ocean waters. Weiss was practicing her glyphs. Raven opened up a rift to her camp and retrieved all the booze and ice dust she could carry before making what Neo guessed was a remnant version of a pina colata. Ren and Nora joined Ruby and Yang, trying to knock each other off the other's shoulders. Neopolitan had laid down on a towel and undone her bikini string, giving Neo a particular look that Neo enjoyed seeing.

Feeling competitive, Pyrrha laid down next to her on a towel and did the same thing. Though the look she shot Neo was the same look she gave her when Neo went down on her in the shower. It also made Neo's grin deepen.

Marching her way down to some of her favorite people on Remnant, she was suddenly stopped upon hearing a scoff to her right. She saw Jaune. Jaune Arc, though he had a 'Cultivator MC' haircut. Which was long and edgy looking hair. His body was lean and muscular. He had multiple dragon tattoos and his aura was large.

"So hot outside. Oh? I see I have visitors at my beach" Jaune threw them all a cocky smile, which she supposed was him trying to be charming.

"Oh.. Oh my god.." Neo muttered and facepalmed.

"Ohh... it's him" Blake glanced at him with a small nod.

"Greetings fellow Huntsmen, I could not help but notice your presence on my beach. You see, I claimed these parts for my training and cultivation. Hmm?" Jaune turned to Neo and saw the look she was giving him.

~Ah she is the one who spurned the man who owned this body before I, Long Dong~ Jaune thought to himself with a thoughtful hum.

He stopped upon seeing two Neo's though. They were both looking at him with varying degrees of amusement that he mistook for interest.

~They're both amazing beauties.. All of these girls are. I see one- no, two? Men here. That pink hair confused me. He must be a eunuch~ Jaune thought to himself before approaching the group.

"Ah.. I'm sorry? We didn't know you were using this beach. We came here to train and have a bit of fun too" Pyrrha said with a straining smile.

"Think nothing of it, Red haired Beauty" Jaune gave her another 'charming' smile, which made Pyrrha's eye twitch.

~Get OUT of here! I want Neo to rub my back!~ Pyrrha scoffed in her mind.

Meanwhile Neo and Neopolitan were both together and had their heads turned away. Though Jaune could tell they were both blushing. Taking the opportunity, he walked over to them as Blake watched, slack jawed in awe at his misunderstanding. They were both trying so hard not to burst out laughing at him that their faces got red.

"It has been quite some time hasn't it? Neo, right? I did not know you had a twin" Jaune thoughtfully rubbed his chin.

~Oh great! He has no fucking idea what RWBY is then..~ Neo cleared her throat and threw a quick message to Neopolitan in chat.

[>Neo²: Get his affection centered on you. I have a plan<]

[>Icecreambae: Boriiiiing.. I can use charm to just make him fall for me. Succubus, remember?<]

[>Neo²: Oooh a shortcut.. do it<]

Neopolitan smiled and turned her gaze up at Jaune. Her pupils change into hearts and a charm is cast on Jaune without him noticing at all. Jaune then goes into a daze and gains a rather large blush. Neo shot her a look as Neopolitan smirked in pride.

"Beauty.. will you let me train you? You've captivated my heart. I feel as though I have eyes but still did not see Mount Tai until just now" Jaune did a quick bow.

Neopolitan just smiled at him and batted her eyelashes. It was more than enough to affect his already infatuated mind. He almost got on one knee and married her right then and there.

"She doesn't talk by the way. She's mute. Her name's Neopolitan. I'm Neo. Though you already knew that, I guess? I see you got stronger. Maybe you can show us a demonstration over there?" Neo pointed thirty feet away on the beach.

"Oh yes! Of course, Senior sister! I, Jaune Arc would be happy to show you the strength I have acquired" Jaune eagerly raced off to the designated area Neo pointed out to him.

Neo then shrugged and pulled out the lotion before plopping down on Neopolitan's upper legs, starting to put the sun lotion on her back. Her hands blissfully traveling up Neopolitan's bare back and arms before they traveled to her breasts, which were pressed against the towel. Neopolitan gave her full access while Jaune was far too busy showing off his kicks and punches which were enhanced by aura. Pyrrha and Blake watched in stupefaction at Neo casually molesting Jaune's newly acquired crush right behind his back.

~Hmm.. no quest notification? Does it actually want me to 'cuck' him? Or to NTR him?~ Neo heard OG's delighted sighs under her and looked over at Jaune's moves briefly.

"Let's see how far we can push this before we confirm I have to basically NTR the 'Young Master' over there" Neo whispered, getting Neopolitan's attention.

Neopolitan gained a large smirk and pulled Neo down into a heated french kiss as Neo's hands rubbed the lotion on her lower back and butt. All the while, Jaune was letting out manly grunts of exertion. Blake started to write in her notebook frantically. Pyrrha was muffling her laughter in her towel so he wouldn't look over.

Finally, after a five minute show Jaune turned around to see Neo and Neopolitan clapping for him with red faces. Neopolitan had a small line of drool she wiped from her lips, making Jaune proudly smirk.

"Very amazing! It's like your body is a weapon. Neopolitan's impressed, I can tell" Neo complimented Jaune as Neopolitan smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

~Guess it's NTR time for Jaune then~ Neo thought as she watched Jaune try his best to impress Neopolitan with his moves, physique and compliments.

[>Neo²: Unfortunately he's gonna be near you at all times. Just wait until tonight and we can have fun AND complete the objective<]

[>Icecreambae: This is turning out even better than I imagined our first time would be!<]

Neopolitan was positively giddy, which made Jaune's already amazing impression of her even better.

Neo then looked to Pyrrha, who gave her an excited gaze.

"I got you, Pyr" Neo laughed and got on Pyrrha's butt, starting to rub her with the lotion now.

Jaune saw this and made a flabbergasted expression.

~What? Women cannot satisfy other women.. Haiis.. so perverted~ He thought with a shake of his head and a quick sigh.

He opted to ignore the scene behind him and put his attention on the jade beauty before him.

Meanwhile, Neo practically laid on Pyrrha's back and thoroughly spread the lotion across her more tanned and toned body, eliciting the same pleased sigh from Pyrrha. Blake, feeling left out, laid down right beside her with her belly down on a towel.

"Come on, Neo.. you still have to do me too" Blake practically purred.

"She's still.. Mn! ..doing me. I waited for this.." Pyrrha practically moaned out.

Blake reached out to Neo for the bottle with a small pout but lost balance and ended up on top of a Blake-Neo-Pyrrha sandwich. Coincidentally, their swimwear also slipped up due the lotion. Blake's bare chest was pressed up into Neo's face. Neo had slid off Pyrrha and Pyrrha's face was in between her legs. Somehow.. this situation actually happened.

[Ding! Objective complete! Ecchi scene on the beach!]

~How..? Is Rito's curse already affecting me? Did mentioning it really..~ Neo blanked before feeling Pyrrha's panting right on a sensitive area.

Jaune was too busy paying attention to Neopolitan to notice the situation behind him again. Neopolitan, Yang, Ruby, Raven and Qrow noticed. Neopolitan had an amazed expression, Qrow dropped his flask in awe, Raven was surprised but saved the image on her scroll, Ruby dropped her beach ball and Yang was stunned.

Blake yelped and quicky got back on her towel as Neo fixed her swimwear and sat back up. Pyrrha had a heavy blush and a lewd smile.

"I cannot believe that actually happened.." Neo almost denied reality then and there.

"Let's call it a happy accident" Pyrrha smiled and pressed her palms together.

"....I'll write this down too.." Blake muttered to herself.

"Okay it's Blakey's turn now. You want in after, Rae?" Neo called out to Raven, who was seated in a small chair.

"If I get to do you too" Raven gave her a seductive smile and offered.

"You're gonna awaken something in me if you keep talking that way" Neo shot her a seductive smile back.

Neo got through Blake and Raven next as it neared the end of the day. Shizuka and Qrow had started to talk. Qrow's interest in the ditzy but smart-at times and caring nurse was obvious. Neo was tempted to set the two up but decided to let nature take its course. She was busy being cornered by Raven, OG, Blake and Pyrrha at the moment.

"So.. what's this about?" Neo raised her hands defensively.

"Well.. given the fact that you massaged all of us.." Pyrrha spoke as she gently put her hand on Neo's shoulder, issuing her down on the towel.

"We thought we would pay you back" Blake grabbed the lotion as Raven put down two parasols near Neo.

"And we tricked that blonde fop into gathering wood for the camp fire to impress Neopolitan" Raven commented with a small smirk.

Neo then looked at Neopolitan, who gave her the lewdest repeat eyebrow raising she's ever seen while putting the lotion on her hands.

"Oh.. Oh damn..!" Neo felt herself stripped as all of them took a body part and started to work.

OG sat on her back and focused on that while Raven took her legs, Pyrrha took her chest and Blake REALLY focused on her butt. She'd hate to admit it but she ended up making quite a few noises, despite it not escalating beyond a simple ecchi massage. By the time they were done, Neo was almost passed out on the towel, looking rather shiny.

"Ganging up on me like that... fuckin' amazing.." She sighed the words out, filling the girls with pride.

"Dinner!" They heard Qrow yell out from beyond the parasol wall they used to block the view.

"Oh good, I'm hungry and that gave me an appetite" Raven licked her lips and walked off to the campfire, where Jaune was looking around for Neopolitan like a stalker looking for his target.

Neopolitan stuck out her tongue in disgust before grinning and looking at Neo, tracing her finger up her neck and lips as Pyrrha and Blake joined Raven.

"Tonight eh? I guess we'll switch who's on top then?" Neo matched Neopolitan's seductive smirk and got up, putting her swimwear back on.

Neopolitan just nods and gives Neo a particularly sadistic look before gesturing to Jaune.

"Oh him? If he gets enraged at us? We'll kill him, probably. I bet you he'll say 'courting death' though" Neo said as she walked over to the fire with Neopolitan.

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