34 Deportation and Onsens oh my!

"Holy crap.." Yang guffawed as she witnessed the end of the fight.

Jaune had lost his aura with that empowered series of hits from Neo. Though he was only on one knee and scowling, he didn't look much worse for wear. He was strong, this much was apparent.

"So.. are you gonna hold up your end of the deal or are you a scheming bastard? I'll get what I want, you know? It just varies on how pleasant it'll be for you" Neo shrugged and approached him.

"I, Long Dong am not one to go back on my word.. I have the sacred treasure 'Mirror of Samsara' within me. This world is unsuited for me anyway.." He scoffed and mercilessly struck his stomach, which Neo figured was where his dantian or soul was.

She saw a green energy fly out of his body before he faceplanted the sand.

"Wait what happened..?" Ruby asked with apprehension.

"Oh he had taken over this body using his semblance.. I knew it so I bet on the fight to get his body back" Neo told them all, though Blake, Raven, Pyrrha, Neopolitan and Shizuka knew the truth.

Neo started tapping Jaune's head, though he seemed unconscious.

"Hey, blond and not-so-lanky, get up!" Neo started smacking his head now, though he still didn't respond.

Neo heard the familiar 'ding' of the system but she was too busy trying to wake up Jaune, who likely had his body inhabited for quite a while. Slapping the back of his head wasn't working so she looked around at the crowd that had gathered around.

"Hmm.. quick, Yang! Use shitty pun attack!" Neo smiled and gestured at Jaune while nudging Yang.

"Hey! My puns are awesome sauce! See check this out.. To the guy that invented Zero.. thanks for nothing!" Yang made finger guns and winked like she absolutely killed it.

A collective sigh was heard from RWBY and JNPR as Raven turned away. Qrow was watching Shizuka laugh genuinely at her jokes.

"See? Someone has great taste.. You know I don't trust stairs.. they're up to something!" Yang said, slowly lowering her sunglasses.

"Oh god.. this was a mistake.." Ruby cringed.

"No we must go on! I love her reactions to her own jokes though, not going to lie.." Neo chuckled as Yang started laying pun after pun on them.

Team RWBY collapsed like they were walking the desert for a day without water after the twentieth. JNPR was faring better, though Ren and Pyrrha were acting as if they were Vegeta in the gravity training room at fifty times Earth's gravity. Qrow was getting too drunk to care so he took Shizuka and started to play beach volleyball while Raven fled in her bird form. The okay ones were Neo, Neopolitan and Nora. Nora was loving it and giggling along. Neopolitan was using earphones to block out the sound with Neo's singing at the dance she recorded.

"YES.. more Yang, MORE!" Neo at this point was just torturing them but heard Jaune's groaning.

"So many terrible jokes.. make it stop!" Jaune whined and Neo shut Yang's mouth, mid pun.

"There he is.. Jaune!" Neo clapped as Jaune started to get up dizzily.

The sufferers on the ground collected themselves and unclenched their cringe muscles. Weiss was the worst off, seeming paler than paper.

"Never again.." Weiss muttered fearfully.

"Yang.. use that power responsibly!" Ruby yelled at her sister, who just laughed awkwardly at their reactions.

"What's going on!? How am I here..? Where is here!?" Jaune looked around in fright.

"I'll explain, you guys go enjoy the beach for an hour before training" Neo assured them.

"Okay.. come on, Weiss let's go play marko polo!" Ruby grabs Weiss' hand and drags her off.

"Fine.. I'm coming already!" Weiss complained as Ruby pulled her along.

"Oh lemme join!" Yang winked at Jaune before running off to join them with Ren, Nora and Pyrrha.

"I remember you.. I got my Dad to start training me but he barely does anything.. I want to be a huntsman.. I want to KNOW what that involves! I want.. to be somebody you know?" Jaune finished with a defeated sigh.

"Hm.. you know.. if you had spewed some half assed desire to help people and be a hero, I'd reject you. You wouldn't be ready for the fucked up shit that you might face. Hell.. my team right now isn't even fully ready. But.. I can relate to your motivation" Neo said seriously as she placed her hand on her hip.

"Does that mean you'll.." Jaune started but was stopped as Neo put her hand up.

"Only if you can get a weapon. What type of weapon suits your current body.. hmm..." Neo thought to herself as she looked over Jaune's more muscular physique.

"Wait.. how did I..? Last thing I remember was training in my yard.. Oh, right! WHERE am I!? How did I get here!?" Jaune started to panic again.

"Someone took over your body with their semblance but I kicked them out. I guess he took you here to train or something. It did benefit you though" Neo informed him as he started to calm down a little.

"Semblance..? Oh! Huntsman powers, right? I did some research!" Jaune excitedly told her with pride.

"That's.. good. Means you're serious about this. Now! Back to weapons.." Neo tossed around a few ideas in her head.

"U-Uh.. is there.. any I can use here?" He said while scratching his head.

"Jaune Arc.. Jeanne D'Arc.. Yeah, I think that'll do. You'll use a polearm!" Neo framed Jaune's image using her hands.

"Ah if only you were a top tier waifu.." Neo whispered as Jaune raised his brow in befuttlement.

~Note to self, if I meet Merlin I gotta ask him to genderbend Jaune at least once~ Neo nodded to herself and handed Playboy Plunder's halberd form to Jaune.

"Get a feel for its weight and do some practice swings with it. You'll use that for now. It's got a shaft and a tip so it'll do for now.. Title of my sextape" Neo whispered at the end.

After an hour, they began to train their aura and semblances and how magic affected them. Starting with Ruby, her semblance gained even more speed but Neo could tell that she could split up into different sections when using her semblance, so it's possible Ruby could make some form of Rose clones made from her magically powered aura. Weiss had been able to summon defeated enemies in the later seasons of RWBY, but charged with magic, Neo reckoned she could probably summon armies and form magic constructs from her glyphs. Blake's shadowy teleport semblance was always unique but Neo knew thanks to her new heritage she could likely do a lot more with it. Multiple shadow afterimages, multiple elemental enhancements without the need for dust. Blake could essentially use Kage Bunshin. Yang seemed a lot hardier despite her looking the same. Neo could see the air being warped by the heat Yang gave off when using her semblance. Her stomps and punches were followed up by blasts of fire like they were mini flamethrowers. She can tell Yang's naturally attuned to flames like she was to lightning.

Moving onto JNPR. Neo's lightning was far easier to mold and it was empowered by the Maiden powers and the ambient mana in the air. She could barely use fire though she had the Fall Maiden affinity for it. It seems her natural affinity for fire wasn't high at all. Nora, like her was talented in lightning magic, even more so than Neo due to the fact that when Neo shocked her, she damn near almost turned into the hulk. She wasn't fit to be a caster but was phenomenal at augmenting her body with lightning to hit hard and take hit after hit. Pyrrha basically turned into Magneto with her semblance. She found it far easier to pull and manipulate metals to her will. Currently she could manipulate four targets at once or one very large metallic target. She can use this in many ways. If she uses it on her armor, she can make it feel far lighter and move faster and she can create a small magnetic barrier around herself. Ren's semblance had evolved to being great against Grimm, to being great against the senses. When he used his semblance now, it feels like his physical presence vanishes, despite the fact that you can still see him. It was like his semblance called attention away from him. It suited his assassin-like moves.

Neopolitan had become far better at creating illusions on herself and spreading the influence of it to at least thirty feet. Her mirror like semblance could be taken further, to become invisible, to create a hall of mirrors affect and to charge the illusions with the elements.

Currently, Neo was in the hotsprings Raven had found behind the lodge. She was going over everyone's potential and what they can achieve in the near future before the Vytal festival. She knew Qrow was trying to use magic to control his semblance since she had recommended it to him. Jaune had a massive aura and he buffed others through his semblance. He was essentially a healer and buffer and Neo was tempted to buy some healing spells for him. Shizuka was in the same position as him but when they fought, she beat Jaune with her enhanced physique and jiggle physics that drew his, Qrow's, Ren's and even Weiss' attention.

As her thoughts turned to Raven, she felt two soft mounds of flesh press into her back from behind her. She also heard team RWBY walk in too.

"So.. I'm gonna guess by the size it's.. Raven?" Neo got a soft, mature chuckle as a response.

"Oh hey Mo- Are you flirting again..?" Yang groaned.

"Yes, Yang. Do you see her? It's hard not to" Raven told her in a strange reprimanding tone as Blake sat next to Neo.

"Psh.. You're just thirsty" Yang teased her, sitting with Ruby and starting to scrub her back outside the hotspring.

"Oh I am, am I? You think I haven't noticed, Dear Daughter? I've seen you check Neo here out. You always look both ways to see if anyone's looking before you take a peek at her cleavage" Raven mockingly smiled as Yang became pale.

"Wh-What!? No, never! Not me!" Yang denied vehemently while scrubbing Ruby's hair with shampoo.

"Really, Yang!?" Ruby turned her neck but got shampoo in her eyes.

"Gaaaah!! My eyes!! My eyeeees!" Ruby started to dunk her head in the water, bending over the hotsprings as Weiss gulps and looks at her butt.

"Oh! Sorry sis! Haha.." Yang scratched her head.

"Hmm.. No, I've seen it. Whenever you see her in her pajamas you always look for camel toe or you check out her chest" Blake commented with an amused expression.

"You know it's not like that matters? I think every girl here has some kind of asset I check out from time to time" Neo commented as Raven grabs her boobs and moves them up and down, teasing Yang who looks away but keeps side glancing at them.

"See? You clearly check her out. Not very discreetly either" Raven chuckles as her daughter shakes her head.

"Neo does it too! She looks at my boobs and butt too" Yang retorted, striking a pose, forgetting she was naked. They all were.

"No... I check out your boobs, butt, hips, legs, face and hair. Why squabble over pieces when you can see the whole damn package? You see.. You're not dealing with the average pervert anymore. I have ascended beyond!" Neo spreads her arms like Frieza with an 'enlightened' expression.

"I.. what? How do you respond to that..?" Blake mutters.

"Oh relax.. I check everyone out. Doesn't mean you wanna fuck, relax Yang. Check out to your heart's content" Neo nodded with an understanding grin.

"No.. No. Kinda weird when my Mom is GROPING YOU!" Yang splashed Raven as she sat down in the hotsprings with a sigh.

"You can.. join in?" Neo joked but Blake's and Yang's eyes lit up as they thought about it.

~It feels like.. I've done something irreversible?~ Neo thought as Yang and Blake started to get closer, she tried to move but Raven held her tight and whispered in her ear.

"Oh no.. you offered. Deal with the consequences" Neo's eyes widened as they got closer.




"Aaaahhhhhhhn!" A voice was heard yelling even all the way to the lodge.

[Ding! Onsen ecchi scene complete! Quest completed!]

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